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    Safe or non safe, pesticides and fungus control.

    Hellow fellow CP enthusiasts! Thanks for taking the time to look over this post any and all suggestions and opinions are wanted along with personal experiences. Today my question really is if a couple of organic pesticides/disease control would be safe to use on my nepenthes. One I bought is...
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    Some kind of fungus or pest maybe? Help identifying would be appreciated.

    Hello everybody willing to take time out of there day to worry about my problem lol I have a N. Burbidgae as well as about 30 other nepenthes. But my burbidgae is the only one I've noticed this level or severity of spots. Any help is appreciated.
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    Mostly Nepenthes different species, some seed attempts as well.

    I'm growing currently about 30 nepenthes have to get an exact number and some seed attempts as well first time on that so.. My nepenthes are : N. Ventricosa (of course) had almost 2 years. N. Sanguinea - about a year and a half N. Burkei - 1 year ish N. DeRoose 'Alata'- 2 years N. Talangensis...
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    What's up from Kearns Utah!!

    What's up everybody glad to be here joined a couple other CP societies, but this one seems to be the best and most active. My name is Brandon Walker I'm 25 I have a collection of about 30 nepenthes all different species, I'll have to put up a grow list shortly but I grow along with my girlfriend...
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    Pests in nepenthes, what are they and how to get rid of them best.

    Time and time again I get these same black small bugs in the moss of my nepenthes, not sure what they are and if they are harmful if anybody knows it would be helpful and how to get rid of them properly.