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    Pitchers not opening??

    Hey guys so my little pitcher plant is really confusing me. It has started trying to grow 2 pitchers & the bottoms of them are forming but the top isnt opening?? Its brown and just like it didnt form, so they are just turning into little green balloons. My big pitcher plant is growing leaves...
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    General Questions/ Pitcher checkup

    Hey guys! I havent posted here in about a year, since i got my pitcher plant in April last year actually because i couldnt get into my account. I repotted My pitcher plant right before christmas, and it just started growing like absolute mad!! [No pitchers, yet but giant leaves] It started...
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    New to growing with very little information. Excited to be here!

    Hey guys my names Ally, I'm from British Columbia, Canada. It all started when I went into this shop I had never been in before and I saw they had venus fly traps! So of course I had to get one, then next time i went in to see what else they had they had gotten some tropical pitcher plants, I...