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  1. NatchGreyes

    Cephs for Cephs

    Hi All - A few years ago, I was lucky to win a set of Ceph leaf-pullings in a giveaway on here. I actually succeeded in getting some of them to root and grow well. I now find myself with a spare "Big Boy" and a spare "Vigorous". (They can - more or less - be seen through the tags below). I'm...
  2. NatchGreyes

    Drosera esmeraldae

    All - I have several young (slightly less than dime-sized) Drosera esmeraldae plants for trade. These are ~6 month old seedlings. The come from seed produced by my mother plant (flowers), which appears to match all the characteristics of the true species and was given to me by a reputable...
  3. NatchGreyes

    Darlingtonia/P. macroceras Sites

    Hi All! In late September I'm flying into Eugene, OR for a family vacation that will include a trip down to see the Red Woods. I'd love to see some Darlingtonia and Pinguicula macroceras sites while I'm out there, but it's been quite a while so I'm not sure where the best places to go are...
  4. NatchGreyes

    Easy Office Nepenthes

    Hello Office Workers! I was recently asked to find a showy Nepenthes that reliably produces pitchers in a somewhat sunny office environment. The requestee has no real experience with carnivorous plants and would prefer not to have a terrarium. Supplemental light is a possibility, but the main...
  5. NatchGreyes

    Books: Darlingtonia & Cultivating Carnivorous Plants (afrodisa $35)

    Alrighty, let's get this thing started. I'm offered a signed copy of both my guide to growing carnivorous plants, Cultivating Carnivorous Plants, which was just published, and my book on Darlingtonia. Photos of the covers follow. This is your chance to get both and help NASC! Bidding starts at $5.
  6. NatchGreyes

    Discussion/Requests Here - Bids ONLY in the Auction Threads

    PLEASE do not post in the auction threads unless you are bidding for a plant. This thread is for discussion purposes.
  7. NatchGreyes

    Auction Rules - REQUIRED Reading for Participation in 2015 NASC Auction

    Welcome to the 2015 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! To learn more about the NASC, click here. In order to participate in the 2015 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or...
  8. NatchGreyes

    R.O. Suggestions?

    Hey All - My landlord recently upgraded our water system to include a water softener. As a consequence, I'm now getting kind of salty water out of my taps. I'm sure this will be death to my plants, unless I can come up with a way to cleanse the salt. I figured a R.O. system should work and...
  9. NatchGreyes

    Giveaway: N. ventrata cuttings

    All - It's time to cut back the old ventrata. Instead of trashing the cuttings, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in taking a few. It's a great hybrid to practice your rooting technique on. All I'm asking for is you pay shipping ($6.50). It is still cold in my area (NH) and some other...
  10. NatchGreyes

    LF: N. madagascariensis

    Hey All: I'm looking for an N. madagascariensis and figured I'd ask around here. I've been doing some plant maintenance over the past few months and have a few cuttings/plants to spare. What come to mind are - N. amp. "Bau Green" - Cutting. (This appears to be rooting) N. amp 'Williams Red' x...
  11. NatchGreyes

    D. scorpioides gemmae trades

    I've just collected ~3 packets worth of D. scorpioides gemmae (10-15 gemmae per packet). I don't really collect pygmy Drosera, so I'm pretty open to any offers. As far as pygmy Drosera, besides scorpioides, I have pulchella growing very well for me. I've tried grievi and dichrosepala ssp. enodes...
  12. NatchGreyes

    LF N. madagascariensis

    I know this lowlander used to be widely available, but I haven't run across it in a while, so I'm not sure what the current market value of it is. If anyone has a cutting/plant for trade, I'd like to hear about it. As far as Neps go, I have a N. hookeriana with 8" leafspan or so I'd be willing...
  13. NatchGreyes

    SASE Giveaway: D. capensis 'typical' and D. natalensis seeds

    I just collected three packets each of D. capensis 'typical' and D. natalensis seeds each this morning. From past experience, both of these will germinate very quickly without cold stratification at a very high rate. They are ideal for new CPers, or people who want to try to grow Drosera from...
  14. NatchGreyes

    N. campanulata hybrid

    I received this complex N. campanulata hybrid the other day and I like it so much that I thought I'd share a photo with everyone here.
  15. NatchGreyes

    Dancing hamata!

    Google automatically backs up and "enhances" my photos, a.k.a. turns some into gifs. As a consequence, I sometimes end up with interesting photos, like this one - a dancing hamata:
  16. NatchGreyes

    Atlanta Botanical Garden's Orchid Blog

    I just learned that ABG runs an orchid blog. More interestingly (for me) is that this blog sometimes features carnivores! See the aristo photo below: That's from this article on aristos (and other carnivores). They also have an instagram, which features more impressive shots of the CPs. I...
  17. NatchGreyes

    Identify these two 'dews

    I have two mystery 'dews: Dew 1: I have no idea Dew 2: I know this one is probably tuberous. Both of them sprang up in a pot I reused from another grower for Byblis and D. scorp. I didn't realize that everything would end up getting so crowded. Thanks for the help!
  18. NatchGreyes

    N. Rokko (AKA Wolfplant) Rooted Cuttings + U. calycifida 'Asenath Waite' For Trade

    Edit: This offer is closed. After selling a couple Rokko cuttings to pay for housing, I decided to donate the rest of these extras to friends who didn't have such luck with rooting cuttings, the NECPS, UNH, and a few others.
  19. NatchGreyes

    Just some Nepenthes observations

    I just thought I'd start a thread about fun and interesting Nepenthes observations. Feel free to chime in, and pictures are always appreciated. First up, and the inspiration for this thread, is that N. rafflesiana, at least for me, is the plant which has its pitchers grow the most after...
  20. NatchGreyes

    Promoting Growth - Bical/Amp Hybrid

    I've had a great bical x amp hybrid for about three months now, but which hasn't done anything. Literally, nothing. I wanted to know if there is anything to induce growth. First up, a shot of the pitchers - (This is why I like it, look at those fangs!) So, here it is on 01/31/14: Today...