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  1. Leafgeek

    Looking For (To Buy) N. tenuis cutting

    I am interested in purchasing a rooted or unrooted cutting of N. tenuis. I haven't had much success finding these plants and thought I would try here. Feel free to PM me if anyone is interested! Thanks.
  2. Leafgeek

    Jamban Hybrids

    Is there any particular reason that Jamban hasn't been used in many hybrid crosses? I've seen hybrids with related species like N. dubia but not many made with larger or more extravagant species. It may be that these exist and I just haven't seen them, or possibly that hybrids with Jamban tend...
  3. Leafgeek

    Live Sphagnum Moss

    I've always thought that the reds and greens of live sphagnum have looked very nice when grown in pots alongside Nepenthes and I've read somewhere that the live moss may help to maintain the pH and humidity levels appropriate for these plants. To those of you who grow them in pots, have you...
  4. Leafgeek

    New Growth Points or Something Else

    So a few weeks back I spotted some B52 at our local farmer's market, and promptly picked up a plant with multiple offshoots for 20 bucks. When I was dividing it, I accidentally removed the meristem from one group of traps. So far, all of the divided plants are growing nice traps, but the plant...
  5. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    Made an error. Post title should just be HL setup, not UHL. It's been awhile since I gave an update on my growing conditions. As mentioned in this thread, I was previously using a small makeshift evaporative cooler that was honestly not getting the cooling effect I needed, along with the mold...
  6. Leafgeek

    Pitcher/Leaf Size Ratio

    One observation that has always fascinated me is the ratio of pitcher to leaf size. Even within a single clone it seems like different growing conditions can be conducive to small leaves with large pitchers or larger leaves with just mediocre sized pitchers. Has anyone been able to track this...
  7. Leafgeek

    Evaporative Cooler Mold Problem

    I recently built an evaporative cooler in my Nepenthes tank that I have been surprisingly pleased with. It gets the nighttime temperature drops that I need for highland and intermediate species. Below is a picture of the setup. I essentially use a reservoir located inside the tank with a...
  8. Leafgeek

    Nepenthes jamban growing suggestions

    Hello everyone! After doing some searches I have been unable to find much detailed or current information on any specifics for this species. Other than the fact that it is very adaptable and grows quickly, do any of you have tips or suggestions? From what I have found so far it enjoys high...
  9. Leafgeek

    Nepenthes hamata issues...

    Hello all, Long time lurker here. I had a few questions about one of my plants that I thought some of you may be able to help with. I have had this N. hamata for almost a year. When I received it, it was quite small and likely still relatively fresh from tissue culture. With high humidity and...