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  1. tje25

    Seed pack for S.A.S.E

    Hello everyone! I figured it was about time I gave back to the community. So I am giving away a pack of D. intermedia, D. affinis, D. aliciae, S. rubra ssp jonesii, and approximately 20 vft seeds of my own cross, a b52 and a2 hennings giant. These will all go to one winner, if he or she...
  2. tje25

    N. ramispina pollen coming soon

    I have a N. ramispina that has just popped a flower spike out of its newest leaf. I'm 99% sure its male so I am looking for any female Nepenthes that are around the same stage, or will be soon. Of course a female ramispina would get the highest priority, but I'm also open to makeing some nice...
  3. tje25

    Travis' Sarracenia thread

    I wanted to start a thread to show off my sarracenias, I hope you enjoy! S. areolata "Giant" x moorei "pinkish top" <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/129296903@N08/16683343677" title="S. areolata "Giant" x moorei "pinkish top" by Travis Edwards, on Flickr"><img...
  4. tje25

    Travis' Nepenthes

    Hello everyone, welcome to my new thread! I have put together a new setup and have pretty much automated the temperature and humidity settings. The lights are on a 16 on 8 off schedule Temperature is set to 72F day, 52F night. However the top shelf stays 5F-8F warmer when the lights are on...
  5. tje25

    My reef led experiment

    I've had these leds laying around from my old reef tank, and I was curious how well if at all they would grow plants. Each unit has 2 channels, a mostly white channel and a blue channel that are adjustable from 0-100%. I have one set to 20% white and the other 20% blue ( I know, will most likely...
  6. tje25

    D. pulchella seeds for trade or sase

    I have a packet of D. pulchella seeds that I would like to get rid of. Theses are the first seeds I have ever harvested from a Drosera so far. There is a slight possibility that there could be a few hybrids in the mix as well. The plants were sitting next to D. helodes and D. allantrostigma...
  7. tje25

    Heli Help!!

    Hello everyone!! I just received my very first heli!! Unfortunetly I think it may have been in the shipping box too long, because when I opened it up today all I could see is brown... There is just a hint of green left in it. Does anyone think that this plant will make it?? Here are some...
  8. tje25

    Fungal infection??

    After talking with mato in chat and seeing what was going on with his tujuh, I started to get a little worried... a couple of my neps appear to have the same thing or something similar. I just wanted to post a few pics and get some other opinions. Thanks in advance for the help! N. gentle Has...
  9. tje25

    N. alata or N. ventrata ??

    Hello everyone! This was one of my first neps and shortly after I bought it someone told me (I believe it was Wire-man) that It was probably not a true N. alata, and that in fact it was most likely a N. ventrata. So I emailed the place that I got it from to ask questions, In the reply they...
  10. tje25

    Does anyone know what kind of succulent this is??

    This was given to me the other day! Any ideas of what it is?? Thanks in advance for the help :)!!!
  11. tje25

    Rooted jade plant cuttings

    I have 2 available... Free(except for shipping) to the first 2 that respond!! Shipping will be $6.11 for a small flat rate box with confirmation. Thanks Travis
  12. tje25

    Happy Birthday SirKristoff!!!

    Happy Birthday!! Have a GREAT one :)
  13. tje25

    Unrooted N. maxima "poi dog" cuttings giveaway!!

    Hello everyone, I will be taking 3 cuttings off of my maxima poi dog, and I wanted to share them with the community:). This Nepenthes is very hardy, during the winter it consistently receives relative humidity in the 20s and 30s and still grows and pitchers for me. It has flowered once, so...
  14. tje25

    N. maxima "poi dog" unrooted cuttings for trade!!

    No longer available
  15. tje25

    Show me you time lapse photos!! !!!!PIC HEAVY!!!!

    Hello everybody! I thought it would be fun to make a thread where people can share their "time lapse photos"! They dont have to be perfect or anything, or all in the same exact position and all that (although those are really cool ;)). Just whatever plant you have bunch of pics of through...
  16. tje25

    My first attempt at a Pineapple!!!

    I finally went and got a pineapple today!!! I have always wanted to grow one, but I just found out that you could propagate one from the top of it! Now I've read that you should dry it for a week or so from some sources, and that you can plant it right away from other sources. So I decided to...
  17. tje25

    Cluster of D. nidiformis seedlings (Copello $10)

    You are bidding on: A group of Drosera nidiformis seedlings. Approximately half of them will be selected from the pot in the picture below and sent to the winner (I'm guessing around 40 plants). These are plants that I have grown from seed that I received from Brie. U.S. only please, winner...
  18. tje25

    Cluster of D. capensis "alba" (BJTS $15)

    You are bidding on: A group of Drosera capensis "alba" seedlings. Approximately half of them will be selected from the pot in the pictures below and sent to the winner (I'm guessing around 50 plants). These are plants that I have grown from seed that I received from Brie. U.S. only please...
  19. tje25

    Tomatoberry seed giveaway!!

    Hello everyone! I know these are not carnivorous, but I didnt think it would be a big deal since I'm just giving them away. As the title says, I'm giving away 5 packs of 5 tomatoberry seeds to whomever wants them. They are a form of cherry tomato that grow in the shape of a strawberry, and are...
  20. tje25

    Male Maxima poi dog...Looking for female flowers!

    Hello Everyone! My maxima poi dog Is flowering, so I'm putting up this add to try and find anyone who has a female that is flowering. This is my first Nepenthes flower so I'm not sure how much longer before the pollen will be ready. I was thinking maybe a 50/50 seed split if everything...