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    LF VFT, N. Amp, N jacquelineae, and drosera

    It's been 9-10 years since I've had a carnivorous plant. But I recently picked up a VFT from the local hardware store and spent hours remembering my login info(couldn't get passed the text verfication). I am looking for various vft and drosera, N. Amp (green) and N. Jacquelineae, from seeds to...
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    Wanted: mimosa pudica

    I recieved this plant a long time ago from flint, but during my move, they experience the first frost. Please contact me if you have this plant.
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    Wanted cp's for school

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    Cp's for glenbrook high school

    Currently, I am enrolled in a horticulture class at my high school.  We learn about the basics, just taking care of the plants, replanting, cuttings, etc.  Many of the plants we learn about are plants that are easily found.  Simple house plants such as pothos, boston fern, swedish ivy, plants...
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    Well this recent Sunday was a big day for killifishers. The Chicago Killifish Association recently had a big day. We even had a guest speaker name Rosario LaCorte, his speech was filled with great tips, and it was just fascinating to listen to him. But that wasn't the best part. I recieved a...
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    Bad News!

    So, I open my tank today, and was hit by a smell of decay. Looking closer I finally spotted one of my azureus. (the blue posion dart frog) He was stuck in the outtake of one of my water pump. He was bigger then the pump and I guess he didn't know how to step backwards. He was bloated, and gone...
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    Website Advise

    Well, I just made a website, and I need some help uploading it. I"m using a free site as for now to see if I will get any traffic and then I plan on transfering to a better hosting. As for now I'm having some small problems, so if anyone out there knows anything about online work, please pm me...
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    Starting Saltwater

    Well recently, I've decided to start a salt water tank. I've experienced the freshwater tanks, and now I'm thinking about moving onto another tank. Well I was offer a tank, of a 75 gallon with it accessories along with 150 pounds of live sand. Well I decided I may take that offer, and read up...
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    Need Fish Companion Advice

    I wanted to set up a tropical tank, about 80 gallons, Right now, I downsized on my fishes in order to make room for darts, now I regret doing this as I am lacking the once colorful colors. I have this huge koi no one wanted cause I rescued it before from a petstore, and it had some scars on it...
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    Want List

    Neps:N. amp green, bellii, campanulata, N. distillatoria, N. viellardii, N. reinwardtiana, N ventricosa 'ReD', N. Jacquelineae, N hamata, n villosa Ultrics: Gibba, Longfolia, Livida, Sandersonii, Sandersonii Blue (basically any aquatic or terristial) Any types of VFT These are the plants I am...
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    Choosing Plants

    I was needing some help with picking out the type of plants for a vivarium. I heard low land neps do well in a vivarium and was looking for ones that doens't require dormancy. Or if they do I can simple change them, but hoping for plants with little dormancy. Sundew that requires no dormancy...
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    Orchid Growers

    I was cutting back on everything I have, fishes, geckos, lizards, turtles, and my frogs. The thing I want to expand is a nice collection of orchid. Maybe, make a homemade orchidarium, or try locating one for a cheaper price. So, I was wondering if you guys can metion any producers. As I would...
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    I just wanted to give an update on my triops. Thought they are pretty intresting. I started with the kit, and its over flowing with daphniaand triops. Like at first the triops were white and floating and swimming around. Now, some of them changed color and lurks at the bottom. Just thought it...
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    I've recently started a triop tank, brine shrimp tank, but I want to acquire a daphnia culture to start producing for my frys. But the petstore I used to get them at lost their lease and closed out. I didn't know this, and I already washed out my daphnia culture cuase of re arrangements. I was...
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    New Tank

    I wanted to start a new aquarium. But I want to only have a couple tanks devoted to fish. I want to limit down my pets. As I enjoy, dart frogs, geckos, and snakes. But these are taking up way too much room. But they are a must have for me. As I just love pets. So I was wondering what do you...
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    Lost Leopard Geckos

    I put them in a quaritine tank, and 2 of them escaped =(. I can't type much, I'm looking for them at this moment.
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    I've been constantly been bombarded with popups. I know something on my computer already downloaded is creating them. Cause basically they are the same popup over and over again. But lately, when I click on internet explorere, they set my homepage to some weird site, and give me 10 more popups...
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    Mail surprise

    Guess what I recieved from UPS. 6 Leopard Geckos =D. They are so cute, I think they are pale. A little on the slim size so I hope to buff them up =D. Well, I got to finish their tank talk to you soon =D.
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    Website Builders

    Hi, I'm trying to create a little website for myself. I know it may never be as good as this, but I'm trying to make a website that will have a little information about me, how to take care of dart frogs, different species, what I currently have. And a simple forum so we can talk about dart...
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    Hm....I was getting confused it had a X in the picture so I thought it's not working. Also, when we choose our avatar, the option allow us to choose other people's avatar that they uploaded.