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  1. Brolloks

    Mystery Drosera

    Hi Everyone, I bought a few seeds from the seed-bank and what was labeled as Pinguicula turned out to be a Drosera. I have never seen this species before, so I am a bit in the dark as to which it is and how to grow it. I have got a sneaky suspicion that it might require cool temperatures or at...
  2. Brolloks

    Roridula photos

    Hi all, I bought some Roridula seeds last year which were labelled R. dentata. I treated them with smoke primer for 24 hours and put the seeds in peat pots with a mix of peat moss and silica sand. To my surprise 5 seeds germinated and little Roridula's started to grow standing on my glass table...
  3. Brolloks

    Unidentified Mexican ping

    Bought this one a while back without any label on it. Replanted it a month ago in a pure mineral based substrate.
  4. Brolloks

    Expanding the grow area

    Hi everyone, I have been busy building a polytunnel to move my current plants into and expand my collection as well. I bought a "kit" which I am putting together with a help of a friend. Very excited about it as I can't wait to start using it! I am also putting a fence around it, I have dogs...
  5. Brolloks

    More critters of the house

    Hi, I previously had had some scorpions visit my place without an invite, this time I have got some that I intentionally brought into the house.:spidersmile: Pandinus imperator The skull is fake, but I think it looks quite intense :-P Still need to replace the water bowls with something more...
  6. Brolloks

    Polytunnel/Hoop house Automatic watering

    Hi Everyone, I have been given the opportunity to have a Polytunnel built in a family members yard as mine is way to small for a setup like this. The tunnel will measure in at: 4 meter width and 8 meter length. I might divide it into two segments, one for none-carnivorous plants and one for...
  7. Brolloks

    GA3 or Smoke Discs?

    Hi all, I have got some Roridula and Byblis seeds which I have been itching to see if I can get to germinate. Now for seed treatment, I have got both GA3 and Smoke Discs but which would work better? Regards
  8. Brolloks

    My beskeie foto album

    Hi Everyone, I know we all like photos, so I thought I would share some of my collection in this thread. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to correct me if I label any of these wrong. D. Burmannii Pygmy (Drosera pulchella x omissa)? note: They flower like crazy all summer long. They...
  9. Brolloks

    Critters of the house

    Hi all, This summer I have been greeted by some passers by. Uroplectes triangulifer I think? They frequently visit, hehe. Large. Tiny. (Poor pic) That is a 10c ZAR. It's quite a small coin if you have never seen one. The misses actually found it hiding in the toilet paper. :-P Actually...
  10. Brolloks

    Alternatives to Artificial Rooting Hormone

    Hi all, Came across this blog while surfing the net. The person did a little home-experiment with honey, Artificial Rooting Hormone: Bayer Seradix B No. 2, and Aspirin: Compral (100 mg Paracetamol, 400 mg aspirin) contains aspirin (salicylic acid), which is a product of willow bark...
  11. Brolloks

    Found this little guy in the garden

    Hi all, I found this little fern(presuming that it is) growing in my garden. I have actually noticed it a few years back and each year I check to see if it is still alive. It's got really strange looking leaves which I think is really neat.
  12. Brolloks

    Roridula Seeds

    Hi everyone, I know this might be a long shot but I hope that someone can assist me. I stay in South Africa and I have been growing various CP's for a few years now. There are still many on my "want-list" and one of those is Roridula. Do any of you know where I might purchase Roridula seeds? I...
  13. Brolloks

    Strange Plant from local nursery

    Hi all, Bought a curious looking plant from a local nursery the other day. It's soft to the touch and so are the spikes on the plant as well. I have never seen this before and it produces the crazies looking flowers. They look just like starfish :0o: Anyone know what this is? Thanks!
  14. Brolloks


    Hi Ladies/Gents. Thought this might interest some of you: BioArt from the BioArt Competition hosted by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB). Article from Arstechnica's Website: Bioart-winners an embryonic mouse torso (Shachi Bhatt and Paul Trainor/Stowers...
  15. Brolloks

    Pest control Methods

    Hi everyone, I have really been hit hard this summer with pests on my CPs. I have found Mealybugs, Aphids and what I think is some kind of Mite. I have not been able to identify it yet as it is very small. I do know that it is red/orange in color. So I am doing some research on methods to get...
  16. Brolloks


    Hi All, I received this specimen from a friend in the Western Cape. Stuck it into the ground and it started growing. Does any have information regarding this plant? First time I have seen this exact plant. :-O It's an awesome looking plant, wish I had photos of the Mother plant though. Regards
  17. Brolloks

    Emarginata x Ehlersiae

    Hi, I have been busy gathering information about my plant, specifically regarding dormancy requirements. I came across the following about P. emarginata: "The Tropical Homophyllous species have the simplest requirements. They have no dormancy, and only have one type of leaf-form" Souce...
  18. Brolloks

    My first pings

    Hi, I have had these little fellows for 5 months now. P. Emarginata X Ehlersiae Almost caught a moth. The brown stuff on leaves are moth scales :spidersmile:
  19. Brolloks

    Mystery Drosera

    Hi all, I had this Drosera pop up in one of my pots so I replanted it into a single pot and got it growing in my Terrarium as it did not like the heat outside for some reason (died back to the root). The Drosera did not grow from seed, I think rather from roots already in the pot as it grew...
  20. Brolloks

    My Neighbour came to visit

    Hi, These little guys live around my apartment and from time to time come in to pay me a visit. I actually see one every morning as it lives on a plant that is outside my bathroom window.