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    Evaporative Cooling.

    Ok, I need some critiquing of my thought process here. I know that evaporative cooling (swamp cooler) needs low humidity to reduce the temperature; that it can only reduce the air to the wet bulb temperature, which is a deviation of the current temperature and humidity. For example, areas with...
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    Do I take the plunge?

    Hey guys, I've grown a lot of different temperate CPs over the years with much success, but haven't really gotten into nepenthes besides by my 6 year old ventrata. I'm thinking if venturing into intermediate nepenthes, because I can get closest to their conditions. I have a grow rack that gets...
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    Neps seeds/ebay

    Hey guys, I've been spotty being on in this last year. So I've really been focused on temperate sarracenia and sundews the last 8 years, but I've been getting the itch to explore more nepenthes besides my old Ventrata (which was labeled as alata when I bought it). I was on ebay today looking at...
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    Pushing the limits.

    Hey Guys! I don't post very often, but have enjoyed reading what everyone has learned about cps through the forums. As Dragoness has just demonstrated...sarracenia can be pretty tough. Many other forum members here have also shown off their bogs in areas normally too cold for most cps (which I'd...
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    Wisconsin Bogs

    Hey Guys, So I made a trip to summerton bog in south central Wisconsin. I was wondering if anyone has ever visited any bogs in Wisconsin and found any cps. There wasn't much there so I didn't take any pictures, unless a bunch of pics of sphagnum would've been interesting. I can't imagine many...
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    D. binata seed giveaway

    I collected some seed from my D. binatas. They produced a lot of flower stalks this summer. This is for a SASE. I'll just send some whole flower stalks. I have around 20 some stalks total....so about 10 people? If anyone has donated seeds to me before then they'd get priority.
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    I'm not much of much of an ebay user, but are plants like these being harvested from bogs? http://www.ebay.com/itm/rare-seven-year-old-sarrcenia-purpurea-with-free-pitcher-plant-tincture-/190914583997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c73655dbd I'm not trying to accuse the seller, I'm just...
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    D. Rotundifolia/Anglica

    Any suggestions on the best place to find D. Rotundifolia or D. Anglica seed? I was hoping to get some in stratification for the winter. I'm also open for trades if anyone has any.
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    Drosera Filliformis seed and D. Capensis plants for trade.

    I have several stalks of D. Filiformis seed and Several flowering size D. Capensis plants for trade if anyone is interested. I'm interested in mostly temperate sundews and sarracenia.
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    Drosera Anglica

    Hey guys. Does anyone have suggestions for where to find Drosera Anglica (Temperate)? Or would anyone be willing to trade with me for some seeds? I had bought some a year ago and they turned out to be D. Capensis instead of anglica! So I'm on the hunt again. PM me and I can tell you or give you...