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  1. Nickrober

    New "Grow Rack" Setup

    I'm sure you all have better setups and have seen much better, but I'm pretty excited about what I've got so far. It's a 6' bookshelf with mostly books & dvds, but one shelf I've dedicated to my VFTs. I bought a emergency blanket and cut it to fit inside the shelf to help boost some of the...
  2. Nickrober

    Identifying Seedlings?

    Is it possible to identify which cultivar seedlings belong to? I know each one will probably be different, and a lot will probably end up being typicals, but how early can you identify a cultivar, if at all?
  3. Nickrober

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I live in western North Carolina (in the mountains not the coast where the native Venus Fly Traps are). I really enjoy fly fishing the trout streams in the area. I've been growing VFT's for about 6 months.