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    The 30's are coming!

    D. adelae, i'd bring in. Dunnno much about bromeliads. Take them in just to be safe.
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    Does anyone remember?

    Remember when girls had cooties?
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    Dogs savage gator

    OH THE BRUTALITY! Oh my god it's horrible! I can't watch any longer! OH MY GOD! lol. EDIT: OOPS! I already posted in this thread! Someone delete this post.
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    Crash! crash! hire!

    Ouch, poor sister! I'm glad she's okay! Nice that you're gettin' a job, Noah. How have you been lately. I've been gone a while, and i don't know if you got the mystery ailment solved or not.
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    Washed sand?

    3 times for good measure, or until sand is clear. Is it just me, or does this sound like cooking instructions?
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    It MAY take some time to adjust, and it MAY look like poop for a while until it does, but it's generally hardy enough to survive. GOOD LUCK!
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    My highland greenhouse photo tour

    *struggles to find jaw that fell on the floor somewhere* *finds it* *screws it back on* Amazing. Totally amazing. I LOVE your macrophylla!
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    Do you play music cds on your computer?

    Yeah, i heard about that from ABSforums. Newest news is that they're temporarily stopped the XCP because comptuer-savvy people were ruining their computers by removing it.
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    You know you're asian if...

    I'm most of those, but i'm white.
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    Dogs savage gator

    Lunch! SWEET! *dives in for a bite*
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    Where are you...

    Remember good ole John? He lives down in Monterrey. He's been behaving lately though, but he seems to have stopped growing.
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    Fruity flys

    The plants themselves should attract the buggers of their own accord. Just sit back and watch the show.
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    Maybe i can transplant a Utric or two to each pot to keep the population down?
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    Where are you...

    I'm lost in music somewhere, and i can't find my way out! I'm at my computer silly. But seriusly, i'm in Los Gatos, California.
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    Iono how they get there. They're just are. That's where the CPs come in...
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    Harvesting/progating live lfs

    If your growing media outgrows the plant, you MIGHT be growing a N. lowii. That's pretty much true with my sphagum.
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    Aristo for sale on ebay!

    And i don't have an eBay account. :-/ Oh well, i'd better get my greenhouse back up to full steam before i buy anything else anyway.
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    It's advised against, but it may be able to handle it while it is younger. Let's just say it survived summer in my back yard. It got up in to the nineties a few days there, and i was on vacation for a while, and it survived! So definitely as a juvenile it is hardier than usually given credit...
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    Nep newbie

    Savage Garden typically gives VERY good advice. It's not perfect, but you just try to show me a book that is! Prolly a N. X Ventrata. Easy to care for highland hybrid. Survived on my windowsill successfully for just about forever. Pretty indestructible. Use sphagnum mixed with osmunda fiber...
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    Nep fertilizer

    Too much can potentially choke the roots. If used correctly, you MAY get SOME results. I'd advise against it and go al naturale, lettin it pig out on your house pests. EDIT: LOL page claim.