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    N. macrophylla on a windowsill

    How do you guys think it will hold up? My temps are usually correct in my room, and i think that mac is more humidity tolerant than given credit for, as i've grown it for a while. I can't keep it in the greenhouse for reasons i won't explain. So i guess i'll have no choice. I'll keep you posted!
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    I have returned...

    Well, i haven't been on in forever because of so much more work to do. Sorry to let you guys down. Who here remembers me? I recently had to do a huge downsizing of my greenhouse, pretty much getting rid of the greenhouse altogether. I only have a select few plants left: Dionaea muscipula...
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    I met the bass guitarist!

    Has anyone here heard of the band Vornagar? I didn't think so, they're a local death metal band where i live. I bought their CD directly from the bass guitarist, too! I tell ya, those guys are definitely good, and you may hear about them sooner or later. I can't post the link to their site...
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    W00t! uppers on n. mikei!

    I am finally getting upper pitchers on my N. mikei! Whoopee! They are tiny little things, barely 4" tall! Or is something wrong? I'll get some pics of them up soon!
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    Metalheads anonymous, discuss metal here!

    Hey all! I just thought i'd remake this thread, one because i'm interested, two because i'm bored... Anyway, i've gained some new bands since the last time i made this. Here is the full list of bands that i listen to.: Anthrax, Disturbed, Godsmack, Korn, Metallica, Mudvayne, Pantera, Rob...
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    Hello oljato!

    Well, i have about 8 hours left before i go to Boy Scout Camp Oljato. It's a great place, boy scouts can earn merit badges, and complete skills needed to advance in rank. What will i take, what will i take? It's a tough choice. I'll tell you how it was when i get back in two weeks. This is...
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    Thinking about a few neps.

    I've been thinking about buying a few nepenthes, and i'd like a recommendation on which one would be best. I'm looking for a large, colorful type. Preferably if the uppers are also colorful. I'm trying to decide between these: N. diatas, N. fiazaliana, N. mira, N. densiflora, and N...
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    Oh crap, they're everywhere!

    My D. capensis flowered a while ago, and now i have baby capensis popping up everywhere. Will they crowd out and possibly kill my other plants if i don't remove them?
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    Totally rearranged greenhouse!

    I completely moved and rearranged my greenhouse today so my mom would have more room for eating outdoors, outdoor furniture (and BBQ!). Well, here's my "NEW" GH: Outside view of GH. No climbing on this ladder! Neps on ladder are: N. X Ventrata (bottom), N. tobaica (first step), N. mikei...
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    Isn't he cute?

    Here's my VFT! I just snapped this today.
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    Finally! new pics!

    I FINALLY got up some new pics for ya. An inflating N. rajah pitcher, looks like it survived after all! The three musketeers of N. alata. A new, yet to be colored N. coplandii pitcher. N. fusca A strangely uncolored N. lowii pitcher. N. mikei N. sanguinea N. maxima Hope you like...
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    The (un)official heavy metal appreciation thread!

    Who out there likes heavy metal? What are your favorite metal bands? Talk about heavy metal here. Metal bands i like: Anthrax Black Sabbath Disturbed KoRn Metallica Pantera Unloco Rob Zombie Looking foreward to your replies!
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    Song of the week- which song is it that you just

    Everyone has a song that they just love, and can't stop playing over and over. What song is it this week? Mine is: Rob Zombie- Iron Head *WARNING* Satanic, encourages violence, encourages defiance, encourages unhappy thoughts.
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    Fun day at the rifle range

    Well, i went to a rifle range over the weekend. Here is a pic of a .45 caliber slug i found lodged in a piece of wood. And here's the front and back of my favorite target: Front Back
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    Good easy starting nepenthes

    I have seen many threads asking what the easiest Nepenthes are, so I'll make it easier for anyone who wants to know. The easiest species are Nepenthes:  ...Highland- alata ventricosa maxima sanguinea khasiana fusca tobaica spatulata  ...Lowland- truncata rafflesiana reinwardtiana (i have...
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    What music groups does everyone like?

    What music groups do you guys like? I like: Maroon5 U2 Unloco P.O.D. Green Day Smash Mouth Rob Zombie What do you guys like?
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    My mom is an idiot.

    I didn't have time to water the plants yesterday, and i asked my mom to do it. She said she would, and now, i have most likely lost three plants: N. bicalcarata, ampullaria, and madagascariensis. She PROMISED she would water them, and she didn't. Is there any chance i can salvage these? N. bical...
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    These winds blew straight from hell.

    Yes, those are my greenhouses.
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    Create you own signs!

    I found a funny site where you can create your own captions and words on signs. Try it out. Here's mine: car Sign generator.
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    Need help on picking out greenhouse.

    Hi all! As you may know, i am getting a hard sided greenhouse. I am having trouble finding the right one though. I am looking for one with double or triple pane polycarbonate, with dimensions around 8' X 12'. If anyone knows some good links, PLEASE post them here. Thanks a bunch! Dave