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  1. gnathaniel

    (PAID) (gnathaniel $8) longifolia

    Received in great condition, thanks!
  2. gnathaniel

    (PAID) (gnathaniel $10) Utricularia livida

    Received in great condition, and thanks so much for the extra plant! Donated another $15 to NASC for the extra.
  3. gnathaniel

    (PAID) (adnedarn $25) U.alpina

    Ah, sorry! I should have re-read the rules... $23
  4. gnathaniel

    What would you like to be able to bid on in the 2021 NASC auction?

    Utricularia especially pubescens, other unusual terrestrials, or any of the various epiphytes; Mexican Pinguicula species; epiphytic and lithophytic ferns; maybe handmade pottery?
  5. gnathaniel

    PAID (gnathaniel $12) Pinguicula rotundiflora

    Came today in great condition, thanks again!
  6. gnathaniel

    PAID (gnathaniel $16) 'Betty's Bay'

    Arrived today in great condition, and thanks for the bonus species! Much obliged.
  7. gnathaniel

    PAID (gnathaniel $12) Utricularia Dichotoma 1.5 inch Starter Plug

    Received yesterday in great shape, thanks again Brandon!
  8. gnathaniel

    Is this a utricularia?

    Phlebodium aureum, nice but sometimes weedy epiphytic fern