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    On the topic of consoles...

    For the gamers out there those who haven't checked out the current news about E3. The PS3 is set to release with two price tags 499 and 599. Of course the only option to go if you're a gamer is the 599 version (HD, wireless capabilities). Personally i think Sony shot itself in the foot. The...
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    Mac indentity issues

    http://abclocal.go.com/wjrt/story?section=sci_tech&id=4057770 My next PC will be a Mac. LOL
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    I Need your help

    I'm currently working with a student in Columbia University, helping with their dissertation. The study we're focused on involves non-cp's and population genetics. My interests in CP's came up in conversation so he's agreed to help me create a phylogeny of carnivorous plants. I recently quit...
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    CP's in need of a good home

    Some of you guys may have noticed that i haven't been on for a while. School and lots of work have pretty much kept me busy. If anyone would like to volunteer to adopt some plants please contact me (CP growing veterans only). I have some pretty nice plants and i'd like them to stay alive. Up for...
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    The big bang!

    Here's an explanation of the Big Bang i read recently. I thought it was pretty good so maybe someone that doesn't understand it will understand this: Why is there a universe at all? How could everything we see around us have been created out of nothing? When you begin to think about how the...
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    Xbox live

    I finally got my live back up! (I was at it for a while yesterday and managed to get up to level 8) If you play halo 2 often and have live let me know your gamertag so i can add you. My gamertag is MasterChiefZer0 I've already joined a clan but if yours is bigger i'll switch over.
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    Terrorist attack

    London's having a bad month. http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/common....00.html
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    P moraniensis

    I have a p. moraniensis that's flowering and i wanted to know if its a good idea to let it flower seeing as its been about a month since i received it and its still recuperating from being 8 days in a bag. Also, is 'john rizzi' the same as moraniensis 'large clone'? Or did they send me the wrong...
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    Elevator to outter space

    An elevator to space has been confirmed and research/construction on it has already begun. The elevator will be used to carry goods and people to an outside space station. The first lift is scheduled for April 12, 2018. All the information here: http://www.liftport.com/faq.php
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    Live 8

    www.ONE.org I guess everyone here knows about G8 and about the Live 8 concert. It's a good cause and i hope everyone signs.
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    To flower or not to flower...

    This is the question. I received a bunch of plants about 3-4 weeks ago. About a week later the d. binata marston dragon and the d. filiformis sent up flower stalks. I cut them off since i assumed they where flowering because they were stressed. Now, my filiformis is sending up another one and i...
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    Warning photoshop users

    A security flaw in adobe photoshop allows hackers easy access to your computer. People with adobe photoshop cs and older should download the patch. CS2 users are exempt. http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/331688.html For its price, photoshop should include a firewall not a security flaw.
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    Carnivorous plant website

    I'm starting a new carnivorous plant website (carnivorouscorner.com) which will be simply and information site. i'm making it for the newbies as a good and simple online reference which may attract the seniors as well (and getting school credit for it). i don't have alot of my own pictures, so i...
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    What is...

    the biggest vft cultivar?
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    Sarracenia rubra jonesii

    i've been looking around for a place to buy it and all the sales are limited to oregon (some sort of rule?). i'm really interested in one. Anyone here have one they'd be willing to trade? thanks
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    Savage garden

    Anyone here have the book "The Savage Garden" by mister D'Amato? i keep hearing about it and i want to read it and i'll be willing to trade plants for it.
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    i guess phil forgot to close the auction.
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    The PS3's specifications are very very impressive. Can you say TWO teraflops? PS3.IGN.com Although it's specifications are very very impressive the screenshots look blocky. I hope that they're just in early stages of development. Something else that's very impressive is the capacity for...
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    Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 Spec Sheet wow is all i can say. i saw the games in the mtv special and they look unimaginably real. its something you have to see to belive.
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    N. isamo kusakobe (sp)

    A rooted N. isamo kusakobe (sp?) up for trade. PM me to work something out. I'm primarily interested in pinguicula and drosera.