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  1. x916krew

    Fresh Nepenthes Seeds

    x Kohala xx Maggie Jones ((kampotiana x maxima) x (fusca x veitchii)) x (kampotiana x ventricosa) 1 - riceman 2 - kulamauiman 3 - thepyro 4 - zacher93 5 - James H 6 - dsrtfox1942 7 - vbkid 8 - absolutangel 9 - cephman 10 - Rokosauros 11 - Physalaemus - How did I miss this before? 12 -...
  2. x916krew

    Fall mini-bog pics

    The plants look great and now I know who to ask for some VFTs come spring.. :D
  3. x916krew

    Drosera Intermedia Seed SASE Giveaway

    Just wanted to let you know that mine arrived last week (nicely packaged) and are already in the frig for strat.. thanks again Eric
  4. x916krew

    Brie's CP photo thread

    Its crazy to see how far along your collection has come in just a short amount of time, not to mention how you still manage to keep everything looking so happy.
  5. x916krew

    Free Seeds

    $127 updated due to hint
  6. x916krew

    Time to build an outdoor bog

    and don't forget some pics too..
  7. x916krew

    my new greenhouse

    OKAY I GET IT.. YOU WIN.. okay seriously it is very beautiful and I'm sure it requires a lot of time to keep it looking oh so good.. keep up the hard work
  8. x916krew

    Came across an article you guys might like...

    Very interesting read... can't wait to buy a spray can of this stuff someday.. think of all the pranks you could pull with this.. like spraying all the escalator steps or coating your neighbors drive way so he could never pull his car in.
  9. x916krew

    The Professional

    Just having rented the movie and watching it.. prompted me to go out an buy it today.. money well spent in my book
  10. x916krew

    Borneo 2011

    :love: More please...
  11. x916krew

    Utric 4x pack for shipping

    Wow Brie you have really been in the giving mood lately.. Since I've already been on the recieving side of your generosity just recently I'll leave my name out of the cup but just wanted to say thanks for making TF that much better.
  12. x916krew

    Drosera of the Month: September 2011

    wow so many pretty and sticky dews
  13. x916krew

    The Professional

    How happy was I last night to see that Redbox had recently added this great movie to there content. If you have never seen it, since it is kinda old (1994) I highly recommend it. Its a great story about a man that loves his plant, also he's an assissin, there a lot of good action scenes and a...
  14. x916krew

    Random Sarracenia Pics

    The plants are looking great.. keep the updates coming
  15. x916krew

    pictures of S. montana, S. alata 'night', S. psittacina 'Giant' etc.

    Your plants are the stuff dreams are made of... btw what part of the bay area are you located in?
  16. x916krew

    Parables of the Sundew, 1873

    thanks for sharing.. made for a fun read
  17. x916krew

    Wire Man's Plants

    The plants are looking great wire.. and every time I see someones bog it makes me want to build one of my own
  18. x916krew

    Drosera Intermedia Seed SASE Giveaway

    1. JB_orchidguy 2. GrowinOld 3. x916krew 4. 5. Thanks for the seeds
  19. x916krew

    Fall Plants

    very nice and healthy looking plants..