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    N bellii x robcantleyi Problem

    Hi recently my Nepenthes bellii x robcantleyi appears to have some sort of problem. Its new growth on the last couple of leaves has begun to become stunted and the two newest leaves haven't really developed properly. There is like a brown rust like colouration on the new leaves and near the base...
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    Wilty leaf

    The newest leaf on one of my nepenthes is quite wilty and is nowhere near the size of the previous leaf. I did just acquire this plant a few weeks ago. Its out my rumpus room with the rest of my nepenthes, im not sure about the temperature and humidity, they get automatically misted in the...
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    Tissue culturing Nepenthes

    Anyone know anything about tissue culture?, has anyone attempted it or knows about the process. I was just wondering so if anyone has got any information that would be great. Thanks in advance
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    Growing tip doesn't seem to be growing

    Hey everyone as the title states the growing tip of my lowii x maxima doesn't seem to be growing and its leaves feel wilty or soft, like it hasn't put out a new leaf. Any ideas?
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    Problems with my Nepenthes

    Hi everyone i'm pretty new to the forum. i used to have about 20 nepenthes but i went away and lost most of them now i only have 4. i have a n. Truncata, n. alata, n. miranda and a n. Maxima x Lowii. The have been going downhill lately especially my alata. I was wondering if anyone could give me...