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    Help! repotting huernia and stem rot orbea

    Is there someone experienced on huernias / orbeas / etc. who can help me? I have a lot of questions, please read my history �� pd: excuse my bad english, it is not my native language. The first important thing for this "story" is that long ago, I forgot to water one of my...
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    Need advice to buy! Nepenthes Sibuyanensis

    Hi ! someone in my city is selling N.Sibuyanensis, here it is. How common is this species in the market? I don't know if I should "hurry" to buy it. Would you? do you think it is a healthy one? I'm not from USA or Europe, it's just a little bit difficult, sometimes, to mail plants here...
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    Lasting attributes from seedling to adulthood for Plants, Question

    * Lasting attributes from seedling to adulthood of Plants, Question Hi Everyone! /excuse my english, not native language ! I want to buy a baby Nepenthes. All germinated by the exact same light, temperature, moisture and water conditions. Some of them have three leafs/pitchers, and some have...
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    Buying a 1 year old nepenthes (I need advice)

    Hi ! someone in my country grew some red variety of Nepenthes Ampullaria from seed. The plantlings has 1 year old, but to me, they seem too little for having a year... So, I don't know what size expect for a young ampullaria ...could someone send here photos of 1 year old plants? or give me some...
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    Sunlight / Artificial Light questions ¡!

    Hello, I have my first 2 dionaeas for about 1 month, I had them in a windowsill but recieved poor light and high temperatures, then, since they traps didn't colour at all, I'm thinking having them in a terrarium, in my room. Is it possible to fully replace sunlight with artificial light ? what...