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  1. TongueFlicker

    Pissed off Update haha

    Me again with a quick update. If you guys already knew a few years back then you would probably still remember my grumpy Boiga philippina named Garfield.. If not, then let me refresh your memory with his photo Here he is now, 3 years later and still feisty as ever lol With flash Him in a...
  2. TongueFlicker

    My Comeback

    Hey ladies & gents! Still remember me? :P Sorry for my prolonged absence. That is so not like me. I was quite busy at work, renovating my resort house in the far east and dealt with some impending family drama. Without further ado, the newest member of my animal kingdom a Luzon Forest Dragon...
  3. TongueFlicker

    Warning: Death from cuteness is possible

    Hmm thought I'd put it this here since there's no furry corner haha! Start of a new week ahead.. Just wanna share how i feel when Monday is near LOL How 'bout you guys? :P
  4. TongueFlicker

    Catching up to CNY

    Look who decided to catch-up with Chinese New Year.. My very first T, Lady Macbeth, doing her thing. New Year (chinese), New Skin!! After a year and half finally she molted. This makes her hit the max 6" legspan mark and also marks her 8th year bday with me :) Happy weekend guys!!
  5. TongueFlicker

    ♥♡ Love is not in the air.. ♡♥

    Since February is the love month and Valentine's Day is almost here, thought I'd share some heartbreak lol.. *That moment when your confession of love is rejected (due to obvious reasons)* Advanced happy hearts day! :P
  6. TongueFlicker

    Suprise Delivery..

    The pizza I ordered just went in and guess who else decided to drop by? ..My dealer with my request hehe. I only asked for 7 but he gave me another one as a freebie lol They're not particularly pretty but there's something unexplainable when you see them in person that makes you want...
  7. TongueFlicker

    Update Quickie..

    My pair of Cyrtodactylus mamanwa is doing very good than what I would've imagined. Here they are looking sexually dimorphic as ever. Female (right) Male (left) After 3 months, they are feeding well on crickets. Still no luck with them eating mealies or superworms though. Still working on...
  8. TongueFlicker

    2015 LG Update

    I promised an update so here it is! :D Dida, Denver Jr. And Dudes came in a couple of months ago looking like this: To these: Dida (Mack snow tremper) at 122 grams Denver Jr., (Sunglow het raptor) still retaining some lavender in him Dudes (Tangerine tremper CH&T) still skittish and...
  9. TongueFlicker

    Final leg of my Asian tour :D

    As promised, part 3 of my escapade. Enjoy! :D View from my room A small sea cave @_@ No idea why there's a freaking hole beside the beach. Made by human-sized moles, maybe? Lol Some wild ferns growing on a cave wall What a nice chunk of driftwood. Perfect for my reptiles. Now, how...
  10. TongueFlicker

    Look Alikes :D

    Thought I'd introduce some of my critters to you guys. Not that they don't deserve their own threads but because I'm gonna be away again for a few days. Just to keep you guys freshened up with new species that you don't see posted every day (or ever in any forums for that matter. Unless we're...
  11. TongueFlicker

    My Boy's Legacy & Extended Family..

    Belated sad news guys.. My one and only leopard gecko, Denver, passed away when i was at the last leg of my Asian tour :( My dad and sister was 'looking out' for him while I was away and unfortunately they both sucked at it -__- Here is his last photo I took before i left the next day...
  12. TongueFlicker

    Bow-fingered Gecko (Cyrtodactylus mamanwa)

    Hey guys it's me again.. You still remember my drunken snake dealer? The one who brought a bag of vipers, literally? Well lucky for me he hasn't forgotten about me during my 4-month absence. He had a deal someplace nearby so he decided to drop-by my new petplace and give me a welcome home gift...
  13. TongueFlicker

    Swing, swing.. (warning: cuteness inside)

    Not really a viv or terra animal but.. Remember my babies?? Well for those of you who've only seen them now, I used to have 5 sugar gliders. I sold of three before I embarked on my 4-month Southeast Asia tour. Now Tasha (Anastasia), had 2 babies a month and a half before I came back so I'm...
  14. TongueFlicker

    Asian Roadtrip Slash Instant Vacation

    Hey guys if you have not noticed, i was gone for like forever. As you may know i post/comment almost everyday except the last 2 months since i was so busy wrapping up my South-east Asian tour. To kick things off, here are some photos of my visit to Vietnam. Fields and the mountains, baby...
  15. TongueFlicker

    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    Her enclosure had a secret colony of red ants residing on the substrate so i had to clean it asap. She wasn't obviously happy about the idea It only took me 17 minutes to dump the soil, wipe the glass and put everything back in haha Yes, she is grumpy indeed! Happy Monday to you...
  16. TongueFlicker

    The Miracle of Life

    The gift of life is the best gift of them all.. ('coz love is the greatest? @_@) Picked up this egg during my vacation in one of the tropical paradises in South-east Asia. Only God knows what's inside. I found it inside a hollow tree stump. 3 weeks later... Boom! Thank goodness it's not a...
  17. TongueFlicker

    A Much Needed Vacation II

    Skinny-dipping never ends! Lol A part two of my much needed vacation here at Pulau Sangihe, Indonesia a volcanic island just a few kilometers south of the Philippines. A very scary limestone cliff @__@ With the kids of my local guide At the heart of a tropical bamboo forest Natural...
  18. TongueFlicker

    I Got Mail! :D

    Hey guys! Yep, I'm still on vacation lol.. Just got this photo today as an update from my petkeeper. It's my Godzilla (An adult female sailfin lizard) with my keeper's son. Awww!!! See you soon my beloved babies! :D So what're your babies up to?
  19. TongueFlicker

    Much needed vacation!

    Hey guys! Been gone for weeks and this is what's keeping me busy. Where was I, you ask? Mini-herping, trekking and skinny-dipping atop a mountain stream in the southern region of the Philippines! :P Enjoy! Me and my local guide lol My cam had a smudgy lens at this point so the...
  20. TongueFlicker

    Good day from the Far-east! :)

    Hey everyone Neil here and new to the forum. I'm also active in 19 other forum mostly covering exotic pets. I used to keep N.alata, coccinea and hamata a few years back but they were all dead when i came back to my home country lol. I'm planning to get some venus flytraps which would a...