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  1. BeastMaster

    Help w/ ID

    Found some unidentifed Nepenthes @ a local nursery coop here in Honolulu. Am still new to CP so want to get an ID. Mahalo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. BeastMaster

    Nepenthes in paradise

    Bitten by the CP bug & purchased a small N sanguinea locally here in Honolulu. I repotted the plant into a net basket w/ sphagnum moss & orchid bark. The pitchers all withered away from the environmental changes of the repotting. Current pitcher growth is promising. The net basket is...
  3. BeastMaster

    Aloha fm Makiki

    New to carnivorous plants but finally got a really nice pitcher to add to my "living wall"[emoji2]. Climate here in Hawaii makes it easier to culture these guys along side my bromeliads & mini orchids. Hope to learn techniques & tips from forum members on keeping these interesting plants! Sent...