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  1. TongueFlicker

    Pissed off Update haha

    Hahahaha! They're like wolves covered in orchid clothing lol
  2. TongueFlicker

    Question re: My 2 New Orchids

    I've only kept Phalaenopsis bellina but that M.capense sounds like a treat to keep if they require the same conditions as moth orchids :D
  3. TongueFlicker

    Venus Fly Trap Theft

    Lol even VFTs get stolen nowadays?! Hmm would make sense. Not a CP but i did have an old woman neighbor who intentionally steals some of my broms without repotting it, hence my pots are unique so i know. May she rest in peace :P
  4. TongueFlicker

    Anyone Grow Interesting Tropical Fruits?

    Interesting fuschia there :D
  5. TongueFlicker

    Dr. FrankenSnyder has stepped in...

    Welcome aboard! :)
  6. TongueFlicker

    Dragonfly Larvae

    Love damselflies. They're more colorful, fly slower and thus more elegantly. But dragonfly larvae are a gem on their own underwater :D
  7. TongueFlicker

    Pissed off Update haha

    You said had. What happened? :)
  8. TongueFlicker

    Hello from NJ

    Hey collin welcome aboard! :)
  9. TongueFlicker

    Howdy from Memphis

    Welcome back! :)
  10. TongueFlicker

    Pissed off Update haha

    Haha this one just blind strikes away
  11. TongueFlicker

    Pissed off Update haha

    Me again with a quick update. If you guys already knew a few years back then you would probably still remember my grumpy Boiga philippina named Garfield.. If not, then let me refresh your memory with his photo Here he is now, 3 years later and still feisty as ever lol With flash Him in a...
  12. TongueFlicker

    My Comeback

    Hey ladies & gents! Still remember me? :P Sorry for my prolonged absence. That is so not like me. I was quite busy at work, renovating my resort house in the far east and dealt with some impending family drama. Without further ado, the newest member of my animal kingdom a Luzon Forest Dragon...
  13. TongueFlicker

    Warning: Death from cuteness is possible

    Yup, it's a sugar glider haha.. I have four and they make me laugh when i check up on them during the morning
  14. TongueFlicker

    Warning: Death from cuteness is possible

    Hmm thought I'd put it this here since there's no furry corner haha! Start of a new week ahead.. Just wanna share how i feel when Monday is near LOL How 'bout you guys? :P
  15. TongueFlicker

    Catching up to CNY

    Look who decided to catch-up with Chinese New Year.. My very first T, Lady Macbeth, doing her thing. New Year (chinese), New Skin!! After a year and half finally she molted. This makes her hit the max 6" legspan mark and also marks her 8th year bday with me :) Happy weekend guys!!
  16. TongueFlicker

    Hello from korea

    Hello welcome to CP :)
  17. TongueFlicker


    *grabs popcorn* lol Welcome aboard :P
  18. TongueFlicker

    hi from France !!

    Hey welcome! :D
  19. TongueFlicker

    New from Virginia

    Hey jay welcome aboard! :)