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  1. throckmoron

    Anyone growing Gum Rock Rose?

    Does anyone grow Cistus ladaniferus? This plant has one of the most amazing scents in the plant world (in my opinion). If anyone grows it I would love to get a cutting somehow.
  2. throckmoron

    Fur trade petition, buzzkill

    This video has moved me in a way nothing has in a while: http://www.peta.org/feat/ChineseFurFarms/index.asp I do not have a fundamental problem with wearing leather, fur, or any hide. But the removal of an animals hide while it is alive seems so obscenely sadistic, words fail me. Don't watch...
  3. throckmoron

    D. ordensis form swap

    I would like to get the D. aff. ordensis (Kingston Rest) form again. Would anyone be interested in trading a mature specimen for one of my D. ordensis (Wyndham) plants?
  4. throckmoron

    Petiolaris for Ping.'s??

    I lost all my Mexican Ping.'s last summer and want to rebuild now. I have some mature Petiolaris complex Drosera that I would trade for decent selections of Ping.'s, or for other Petiolaris complex dews-- here's what I have right now: 2 - D. paradoxa (Drysdale) 1 - D. paradoxa (Mt. Bomford) 2 -...
  5. throckmoron

    Roridula germination - YES!!

    I don't know maybe it's no big deal but I'm excited! I got 4 out of 5 seeds of R. gorgonias to germinate within one week. These seeds are pretty old too. They were passed to me by a friend over a year ago and I think he had them for at least a year. I was all prepared to wait it out but here we...
  6. throckmoron

    This just in: Religious Debates - Moot Point

    It seems that the US and its allies are working hard to cover the planet in a film of depleted uranium dust which, if it reaches a sufficient thickness, will eliminate all cause for disagreement among humans because we will all be cancer laiden, bloated, - female reproductive bits - , infected...
  7. throckmoron

    Worms?  Problem!

    I think there may have been a thread about this somewhere-- I have many Pygmy pots with something living in the soil that makes little heaps of peat on top of the soil surface. It seems like what earthworms do. It is really a problem in the Pygmy pots because it's ugly and the piles can cover up...
  8. throckmoron

    D. scorpioides, Don't Give UP!

    Just wanted to tell a quick reassuring story for anyone whose scorpioides gemmae don't pop up right off the bat. In one of my pots with really old plants in it I plucked the gemmae last year and spread them all over the pot. They never came up, not a single one. I have so many plants I never...
  9. throckmoron

    Leaky Tank - Help!

    My tank just started leaking from one of the seams in a pretty small area. It has a very complex ecosystem set up in it which will be painful to move. Just wondering if anyone has a way to safely (for the critters) patch a leak inside a tank while it's full. Marine epoxy putty? Anything? Please...
  10. throckmoron

    Lecanopteris Trade?

    Anyone have specimens big enough to chop from? I have a curtisii that I could take a couple bits from. That's the only species I have and I would love to get some more--
  11. throckmoron

    Turtle Light???

    We just adopted a tiny baby Texas River Cooter, and I wanted to see what experienced turtle people like best for lamps. I know this guy needs specific light so... Any advice helps, there's a lot of products and some of them look like junk. Thanks!
  12. throckmoron

    Fertilizer Toxicity!

    A friend of mine has been recommending this Peruvian Seabird Guano fertilizer to me as a natural alternative that is good for sensitive plants (he uses it on his miniature orchids, bromeliads, and Cephalotus). I bought a bag, and was just reading the notice on the back which says to check...
  13. throckmoron

    Fresh Drosera Seed to Trade

    I have seed available fresh from the following, some have not even been harvested yet: D. natalensis EG D. intermedia (Gran Sabana) D. intermedia (Mt. Roraima) D. falconeri x paradoxa 'swamp form' (a few left) (possibly mixed in with a few falconeri x kenneallyi, easy to tell apart, and...
  14. throckmoron

    D. coccicaulis

    So is D. venusta 'coccicaulis' recognized as D. coccicaulis or is it a coccicaulis-like form of venusta? Is there a consensus on this?
  15. throckmoron

    D. spatulata (FRASER Island)

    This has got to be the number one most misspelled piece of location form data. The plant comes (correct me if I'm wrong) from Fraser Island, off the coast of Australia. I think there are about 4 different spellings in circulation, even on dedicated websites. I think it's important to carry...
  16. throckmoron

    Drosera capensis 'giant' (How Big?)

    Can anyone tell me just how big a capensis giant gets? I have a bunch of plants that I inherited from a friend and they are larger than any capensis I have grown but they may just be old.
  17. throckmoron

    Nep. Cuttings for trade

    More Nepenthes for trade: unrooted cuttings that is. Looking to trade the following for unrooted cuttings of species I don't have: N. copelandii (Mt. Apo) N. ventricosa x spectabilis N. alata x maxima N. ventricosa 'red' They are all mature vining plants. I can take multiple cuttings from each...
  18. throckmoron

    N. clipeata for trade

    I have a N. clipeata (Wistuba clone #2) for trade. This is a young one (1.5" diameter leaf tip to tip w/ 1" tall pitchers). This is a very healthy plant, kind of a slow grower. I will consider Nepenthes trades (maybe a hamata or villosa?) or some more interesting Droseras (rare South American w/...
  19. throckmoron

    Anyone have Spare Tubers?

    I apologize for breaching the rules on that one -- I am very interested in trading for some Drosera tubers (if anyone has some spares that aren't potted up yet) - . I mainly have pygmy Dro.'s, Mexican Ping.'s to trade, but I also have a Petiolaris Dro. or two and a couple Heli.'s.
  20. throckmoron

    Let's swap some pygmies!

    Hello, I have fresh gemmae to swap for any pygmy species/forms not on my growlist. Will also trade for babies/clonable leaf from Mexican Ping.'s. Current gemmae list: palacea trichocaulis sargentii (potted youngsters or gemmae) leucoblasta leucoblasta (Brookton form) roseana nitidula ssp...