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  1. killerplantsguy

    Heliamphora labels switched?

    Somehow I must have switched the labels on these hybrids created by Butch Tincher. At least I'm 99%certain that's the case. If you see this, Butch, please comment. This one is labeled H. sarraceniodes x folliculata This one is labeled H. sarraceniodes x parva Looking at the nectar spoons...
  2. killerplantsguy

    Handheld hand holding pitcher pictures

    Some fun this evening with a little point-and-shoot Nepenthes ephippiata (BE clone) N. jacquelineae 1850 m. (BE - seed) N. tentaculata Sulawesi (MT-selected for red peristome by Tony) Had to include this N. truncata x xtrusmadiensis, even though the light was fading: Cheers, Paul
  3. killerplantsguy

    Heli Experiment

    As a result of my recent move, I'm taking a shot at growing some Heliamphora in the greenhouse, instead of under lights in the basement. The basement is still an option, however. It's no secret that the problem is getting enough light in the greenhouse without "cooking" the plants. It's...
  4. killerplantsguy

    odds and ends...

    It's been a while since I posted images. Sorry that the quality is a bit spotty... This young N. veitchii (m) looks promising: A couple of squat ones - N. ventricosa x (ventricosa x lowii) and N. spectabilis x mira Just found this and I apoligize for the background -- it was really...
  5. killerplantsguy

    Nanodes medusae

    I'm always happy to see Nanodes medusae in bloom. I've grown this for a long time and it never fails to catch my eye. Cheers, Paul
  6. killerplantsguy

    Heli - mess!!

    This is embarassing, but I thought it might be interesting (?) to show what resulted when I neglected some Heliamphora. Eldercare iossues have demanded a lot of time the past few years, and my plants have suffered. Proper clean up and repotting has not been given enough attention. Anyway...
  7. killerplantsguy

    New greenhouse

    We are moving, so I've been putting up a new prefab greenhouse... It's been slow going, as I have a lot of other tasks. When there's progress, I'll post more photos. Thanks for looking and good growing, KPG
  8. killerplantsguy

    Heli just arrived

    Hello, all. I took the plunge and this arrived yesterday. Hope I don't kill it! Cheers, KPG
  9. killerplantsguy

    KPG's Nepenthes

    I guess I'll take the plunge and start an ongoing thread. Starting with some "hanataphilia": N. hamata "undisclosed site B" N. hamata BE-158 (N. singalana on the right) N. hamata Wistuba clone 3 New pitcher on N. Hamata RH Plus, a recently opened pitcher on N. macrophylla BE Cheers, KPG
  10. killerplantsguy

    N. ovata plus

    Nepenthes ovata on 3/18: N. ovata today (5/3): N. talangensis: N. spectabilis x aristolochioides N. glandulifera: first "hairy red" hamata to bloom is male:
  11. killerplantsguy

    ephippiata by night

    Here are a few flash pictures of N. ephippiata. I nevere seem to make time to make images in the datime, although the resulta are much better. And a couple of "funny faces": Cheers!
  12. killerplantsguy

    Heliamphora sarracenioides "2sg"

    Hello all, I am growing AW's clone 2sg of H. sarracenioides, and the pitchers are showing a pretty distinct nectar spoon. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm supposing this is not the "pure" species. Take a look:
  13. killerplantsguy

    Night photos

    N. hamata 'hairy red" N. ventricosa (k) N. lowii x veitchii N. maxima x TM N. ventricosa x XTiveyi Finally, N. ephippiata -- making the transition to upper pitchers Thanks for looking.
  14. killerplantsguy

    Mouse tale

    I got a bit verbose here, so my apologies. Anyway, about a week ago I noticed this N.lowii had a damaged lid. I thought maybe I had broken it while watering or moving plants around. (All photos were taken today.) Yesterday I noticed similar damage on a young Nepenthes ephippiata up on a...
  15. killerplantsguy

    Odds and ends...March

    N. densiflora N. singalana (Tujuh) N. talangensis N. glabrata N. xiphioides N. rigidifolia
  16. killerplantsguy

    Hairy hamata??

    Here's a couple of the seed raised "red hairy" N. hamata from BE. I like them a lot, but I wonder if they will ever be as hirsute as the plant in Ch'ien Lee's famous photo? This seed raised "regular" N. hamata from BE is almost as fuzzy as the above: Unopened pitcher: And just for fun...
  17. killerplantsguy

    Random pics

    N. truncata x (thorelii x aristolocioides) & Stanhopea nigroviolacea "Predator" Better shot of the N. truncata x (thorelii x aristo) N. diatas a very hungry N. "macrophylla"
  18. killerplantsguy

    just more N. hamata...

    Getting tired of Nepenthes hamata? Here's three more! BE 0158 Lumut - released a couple years ago BE "from seed" AW clone 3 Cheers, Mac
  19. killerplantsguy

    N. villosa pics

    Don't get too excited! I've had this nearly 3 years and it's a little over 4" across. Although it's slow grower, it's a rewarding plant to grow and observe. My conditions are not ideal, or it would probably be larger. I am afraid I'm getting near the point where it will slowly fade away...