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  1. staze

    Nepenthes with aerial basal rosette

    Hi All, I have a many year old Nepenthes (I believe it's a ventrata, but I honestly am not sure (a subject for another thread)). A few years back, it was vining and got knocked over and broken. I took what cuttings I could salvage, and potted them up, but the main "plant" had nothing left but a...
  2. staze

    New Ceph, in LFS, transplanting in a couple months

    Hey All, I recently got a TC Ceph off ebay (my first one) and so far, it's doing quite well. It came in a plastic drink cup (clear, with holes punched in bottom and sides) planted in LFS and some perlite. I threw it in a larger pot held in place with some more LFS, and then in a small glass...