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  1. Nickrober

    poetry contest

    1: Not to be confused with boring trefoil these plants will patiently toil killing various arthropods, and rooting in acidic bogs, as long as there is nitrogen depleted soil. 2: I ain't got beef with all this photosynthesis, But I don't wanna be wearin' a prosthesis. I'll admit a plant that...
  2. Nickrober

    poetry contest

    How long do we have to submit? And can we submit multiple poems?
  3. Nickrober

    Trying out a video thread

    Nice video. Love the emergency blanket reflector, I use emergency blankets to reflect light too!
  4. Nickrober

    Visit to John Hummer's - LOT's of PICS

    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nickrober

    went on my birthday hike today (30th)

    Happy birthday man, wish I could have made it out there with you.
  6. Nickrober

    Thanks Clue. It was pretty good.

    Thanks Clue. It was pretty good.
  7. Nickrober

    Over wintering Sars & VFTs

    If you have a vented crawlspace, which most people do (there will be small vents near grown level on the walls) there's a good chance that there will be mold down there, sometimes a lot of it. Although, you could wrap them up real tight with plastic trash bags. I'd probably put at least 2 bags...
  8. Nickrober

    need something to write on plant labels that won't fade

    I just write it right on the pot, but I use styrofoam cups for pots, so it's easy to write on and pretty fade resistant.
  9. Nickrober

    Critter Ate My CPs, Pooped on Deck Beside Them

    I'm pretty sure that is true. My friend catches coons sometimes by tying a piece of chicken bone to a fishing rod and casting it out into the yard then propping the fishing rod up in his window. Then when the rod starts moving you got a coon and you can reel it in almost all the way to the...
  10. Nickrober

    Critter Ate My CPs, Pooped on Deck Beside Them

    Again I recommend a Big Cat to take care of coons, or just call Forrest Gump's mama:
  11. Nickrober

    Critter Ate My CPs, Pooped on Deck Beside Them

    I don't know what kind of poop that is, but I'd recommend a Big Cat to protect your plants. EDIT: If it's a deer, you'll need bigger than a Big Cat...
  12. Nickrober

    darn squirles!

    Not to mention its fun!
  13. Nickrober

    darn squirles!

    http://www.google.com/products?q=big+cat+bb+gun&hl=en&aq=f Not a problem :D
  14. Nickrober

    When to bring in (First week in he sub-40s)

    Not true! (but true for 99% of the south) :-O "Blizzard-like conditions are not unusual during most winters. Boone's winters are more similar to that of New England than the South. Boone typically receives on average nearly 40 inches of snowfall annually..."...
  15. Nickrober

    First VFT seeds, success!

    I left my saran wrap on for about 2 months.
  16. Nickrober

    Other special setups (Growing flytraps from seed)

    I've had good success in pure water germination with vft seeds. I take a styrofoam cup, cut it so that it is only about 2.5 - 3 inches tall. Put water about halfway, put seeds in and make them sink. Put saran wrap on top with a few holes in it. First seed began germination exactly one week after...
  17. Nickrober

    Eastern NC

    Do you live out there in Eastern NC?
  18. Nickrober

    part of my drosera collection (+Helis)

    I have a couple very tiny "strands" of what looks to be the same thing growing in one of my pots. I'm hoping it comes in as nicely as yours because it looks amazing with that tall moss alongside those sundews. EDIT: Ablystegium juratzkanum maybe?
  19. Nickrober

    part of my drosera collection (+Helis)

    Your plants are beautiful! What kind of moss is growing in your d.anglica, VFT, and d.dielsiana pots? It's not LFS is it?