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  1. Homedawg76

    1st sign of D. Capensis sprouting (thanks to Homedawg76)

    Ooh, 10 day germination. Good job, hope they do well for you :)
  2. Homedawg76

    SASE: P. medusina

    :'( i was really looking forward to getting this and venusta. *sigh*
  3. Homedawg76

    Mexican Pings feeding

    I never knew that pinguicula make so much dew when they're eating. This is a day after it caught the mosquito.
  4. Homedawg76

    Drosera Capensis Seed SASE

    PM is cleared now.
  5. Homedawg76

    Drosera Capensis Seed SASE

    I have for giveaway some packets of Drosera Capensis typical seeds. If you want some, put your name on the list then PM me for the address you'll send the SASE to. Each packet contains about this much seed: USA only please I have 19 packets to giveaway. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11...
  6. Homedawg76

    Bing it?

    Nice :)
  7. Homedawg76

    sundew giveaway

    Tuberous drosera?
  8. Homedawg76

    Giveaway:D. venusta

    D. venusta: 1. Sundrew 2.homedawg76 - thank you x100 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  9. Homedawg76

    SASE: P. medusina

    1. Greg (east_to_west) 2. mass 3. punpkinface, thanks! 4. vbkid 5. Pk93 , thank you! 6. Kinjie thanks 7. Huntsmanshorn 8. Captdonaldduc 9. Shortbus - good call on the box, great giveaway, TYSM 10. elgecko 11.Homedawg76 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  10. Homedawg76

    Pygmy Drosera 2013

    Whoa, so many! They all look fantastic.
  11. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    The plant pictured is in its own tray along with some binata leaf cutting plantlets, their soil is the same and those arent having any problems now that I started paying attention to them. I had actually just repotted this plant from its nasty old soil awhile ago, the old silica sand I had been...
  12. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    still didnt see any bugs (using a 30x magnifying lens). Ive had aphids before so its not like I dont know what to look for. there's just no sign of any pests in the soil or on the plants this time.
  13. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    well, I'll check again to be sure.
  14. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    I've heard otherwise, and from experience, the mix seems to make my plants much more colorful as compared when I used only cool bulbs. I really highly doubt this problem is from lack of light, or lack of "photosynthesizable" light. The bulbs I'm using are 2 6500k and 2 3500k. Separated evenly...
  15. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    K, I'll try giving them a bit less water and see if that fixes the problem.
  16. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    Nope, no bug in the traps that do this. No white fuzzy spots. Not stagnant air, i get good circulation. Possibly could be low humidity, but my other upright species are doing perfectly fine, its only the capes. They dont even do this all of the time, it seems to have fits, where every leaf it...
  17. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    Recently this little problem has started again. On my cape sundews that are overall doing good (flowering prolifically, nice coloration etc...) they occasionally send up leaves that fold up or twist on themselves. Instead of having to "unhinge" one fold in the leaf at the transition point...
  18. Homedawg76


    If I were you I'd just leave them be until they get settled into their new home. Dividing them isnt necessary as their health isnt adversely affected by overcrowding. Imo, they actually look a little better if they're crowded. See mine, doing fine growing side by side.
  19. Homedawg76

    Goodies for YOUR TYPICAL Flytraps! My for trade list posted

    Makes me want to go to lowes and buy a vft. Very generous of you.