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  1. Homedawg76

    Drosera Capensis Seed SASE

    I have for giveaway some packets of Drosera Capensis typical seeds. If you want some, put your name on the list then PM me for the address you'll send the SASE to. Each packet contains about this much seed: USA only please I have 19 packets to giveaway. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11...
  2. Homedawg76

    Twisty leaves!?

    Recently this little problem has started again. On my cape sundews that are overall doing good (flowering prolifically, nice coloration etc...) they occasionally send up leaves that fold up or twist on themselves. Instead of having to "unhinge" one fold in the leaf at the transition point...
  3. Homedawg76

    Pests help.

    I just noticed one of my drosera adelae has a few little yellow bugs (what seem to be aphids) Sucking the leaves. Could anyone tell me what pesticide will kill them without harming my plants? I have neem, but I read somewhere online that the neem doesnt kill aphids.
  4. Homedawg76

    Flowering help

    I have a drosera burmannii plant, the kind from humpty doo australia, and im having a bit of trouble getting it to flower for me. I used to have three of them before but two of them got eaten by some kind of animal and died last month. Now i only have one left. Full sized and 5 months old. Im...
  5. Homedawg76

    Sundews for sundews

    I have two extra drosera capensis plants im willing to trade out. They are flowering size with ~4 inch leaf span from base to tip. my grow list is: Drosera capensis typical drosera adelae drosera cappilaris drosera binata drosera burmannii drosera spatulata drosera aliciae drosera affinis...
  6. Homedawg76

    Cape sundew seeds for SASE

    I have 7 packets of drosera capensis typical seeds to give away. 15 flowers worth of seed spread into 8 parts, you'll get 1 part. If anyone is interested add your name to the list. Ill then pm you the address you have to send your SASE to. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  7. Homedawg76

    Strange flower stalk protrusions.

    I have another question. I was wondering what these tentacle things growing out of the flower stalk are. (its a cape sundew) How common, or uncommon, are these, and have you ever seen these on your plants? Heres a picture. and a zoomed picture.
  8. Homedawg76

    What kind of moss is this?

    It doesnt look like typical sphagnum moss to me. It has leaves that arent holding a visible amount of water and has short stems. Ive seen pictures online where entire pots are filled with this. So is it a strange species of sphagnum or some kind of weed moss?
  9. Homedawg76

    Sundew leaves bending? Help.

    Im wondering what could cause my cape sundews leaf tips to start pointing down and not making dew. The other parts of the leaf look fine. Temperatures are between 85-60 degrees *fahrenheit. Humidity 20-50%. light doesn't seem to be the problem because its still making red tentacles. I did...