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    Seeds? Flower?

    So I took this picture yesterday after looking at one of my sundews. It has what looks like could be a flower or seed pods maybe. Not sure. Still new to all of this. It’s a curled up leaf but looks like it has seed pods on it.
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    Looking For (To Buy) Pitcher seeds

    Looking to buy some pitcher seeds so that I can get them started. That way when spring here in Colorado reaches me, I can get them outside to start acclimating to the sunlight and days here. Thanks for any help out there
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    Hello from Colorado

    I just got started with this planting here but here is my collection so far. I have some sundews, pitchers, pings, and the basic VFT. I recently put them all in an aquarium due to the winter coming up here ( unless someone can help me out here in Colorado with the weather and how to grow them...