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    Seeds? Flower?

    Well ok then. I guess now I wait and see what happens from here.
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    Seeds? Flower?

    So I took this picture yesterday after looking at one of my sundews. It has what looks like could be a flower or seed pods maybe. Not sure. Still new to all of this. It’s a curled up leaf but looks like it has seed pods on it.
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    For Sale Nepenthes briggsiana for sale! (LIMITED)

    Ahhhhhh. Ok. Still new to this a trying to figure things out. I’ve got several sundews that took off and now have big leaves on them since I introduce my humidifier to them. I thought I read somewhere that neps needed a dormancy to them. Maybe not.
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    For Sale Nepenthes briggsiana for sale! (LIMITED)

    Do you by chance still have any of these? Or have they already gone into a dormant state (if they need dormancy)?
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    Looking For (To Buy) Pitcher seeds

    Yeah the soil was pretty loose. It was super windy at the house and by the time I remembered and got outside they were gone. Trash can were blown over. It was a mess. Lol
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    Looking For (To Buy) Pitcher seeds

    I had some sarracenias. I had them outside with my VFT and the wind we have here took them right out of the little pot and blew them somewhere. Lol. Kinda irritated me. So that’s why I’m looking to start some from seed. I do have a terrarium with grow lights and humidifier But yeah, I’d be...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Pitcher seeds

    Looking to buy some pitcher seeds so that I can get them started. That way when spring here in Colorado reaches me, I can get them outside to start acclimating to the sunlight and days here. Thanks for any help out there
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    How to keep humidity in terrarium high, without constant misting?

    I have the ultrasonic sensor in mine. Does well at keeping humidities between certain percentage and it doesn’t overflow with water. Keeps the sphag moss damp and the soil media fairly damp but not super drenched. Seems to be doing well with what I have. I define watched the sundews grow...
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    Hello from Colorado

    So for the VFT and the pitchers, do I need to pull them out, put them in their own pots and the place them out of the LED light area and humidifier? Still watering them but let them start feeling that cooler air to get ready for dormant?
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    Hello from Colorado

    I just got started with this planting here but here is my collection so far. I have some sundews, pitchers, pings, and the basic VFT. I recently put them all in an aquarium due to the winter coming up here ( unless someone can help me out here in Colorado with the weather and how to grow them...
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