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    ID help?

    Okay, thanks! Looks nothing like my ventrata, so now I wonder what my ventrata really is [emoji23] Or maybe it's just that these are probably fresh from a greenhouse with perfect conditions, while mine's been on a windowsill with less than ideal light and humidity for the past couple of years...
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    ID help?

    Good morning! Can somebody help me ID this Nep? There were a few of them that looked so happy and healthy at my local botanic garden yesterday, but I'd like to know what it is before purchasing. Each of them was labeled "Sarricenia" [sic] so... the label was less than helpful [emoji849] Sent...
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    PAID (Houstonherp $20) Nepenthes spathulata x talangensis

    Thanks carolatjc! Must have something to do with my work's firewall or something like that then.
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    PAID (Houstonherp $20) Nepenthes spathulata x talangensis

    Your attachments are coming up as invalid. Can you insert a photo, or tell us the plant size?
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    What's my silly little ventrata doing?

    Hi everyone, happy Thanksgiving! Perhaps it's too soon to tell but does anyone know what these two new growths near the base of my ventrata are? In my (admittedly limited) Nepenthes experience thus far, any new growth has been at the top of the plant. Is it now starting to put new leaves out...
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    Vines: What do they Climb?

    I've been wondering the same thing. There's no problem with using metal? I was wondering if it might leach something into the planting medium - I'm always wary of how sensitive these plants are!
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    Sphagnum wild habitat

    I was surprised to find what appeared to be sphagnum growing in a few areas on Mount Monadnock last year.
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    My first pitcher! Two questions...

    What a difference a day makes! [emoji846] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    My first pitcher! Two questions...

    Good news about the nectar vs. eggs, thanks!! [emoji846] These little critters are flying all around... don't fungus gnats generally stay near the substrate? Doesn't really matter I suppose... as soon as the pitcher opens, which I think will be soon, they'll all be dinner! Thanks again for...
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    My first pitcher! Two questions...

    Cool, thanks Grey Moss, I'll try to wait patiently! I've attached a photo, just a cell phone shot so not sure how much it'll show. There are water droplets on the leaf but the smaller, well formed ovals are what I believe to be eggs. At the same time I discovered them there was a fruit fly*...
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    My first pitcher! Two questions...

    Hey everyone, I acquired my first Nepenthes plants (fusca and ventrata) about a year ago and consider myself an amateur when it comes to CPs. I'm growing them in houseplant conditions so of course I don't expect them to flourish, but I'm finally getting my first pitchers (other than what came...
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    **PAID**(kdlaws $19) Nepenthes spec

    Received today, nicely packaged and in great condition. Thanks Heath!
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    Give Away Nepenthes x ventrata giveaway

    1. BeastMaster 2. silent hill 3. Christ.ian3 4. kdlaws - thanks! :)
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    Active user giveaway... Meaning, just being here!

    1. SgtSarracenia - this sounds quite interesting WON 2/6/16, but had not logged in the last 24hrs. Turn is over :`-( 2. Nimbulan - This sounds very interesting WON 5/29/17 S. x umlauftiana 3. NotMyRealName - I'm intrigued 4. Chibae.. I will look to see what I have to donate WON 1/15/2016 S...