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  1. swgrinton

    My office CPs...

    My porch CPs are going to sleep for the winter at home. But I set up a shelf in my office at work so I could continue enjoying D. paradoxa and some D. capensis "alba" and D. capillaris seedlings over the season. I'm using a simple clamp light with a HO CFL. Question - is the paradoxa supposed...
  2. swgrinton

    Pictures of your Drosera eating things

    I bought some dried blood worms for beta fish to feed a D. paradoxa. After reading on the CP Society website that you don't want to use fish food with additives, do you know if Vitamin E would be considered an additive that would harm the plant? What is in the anole food?
  3. swgrinton

    Sarracenia purpurea subsp purpurea seed SOLD

    Sent you some moolah. Anything special needed for this seed? I haven't tried these before.
  4. swgrinton

    Natural habitat photos...

    No Pinguiculas. But there is Utriculaira. Didn't get any photos of those. I'll have to next time. I know exactly where you can see Sarracenia habitat in Atlanta... ...Atlanta Botanical Gardens!
  5. swgrinton

    Darlingtonia at the Florence preserve

    Would love to see this in person.
  6. swgrinton

    Natural habitat photos...

    Thought y'all would enjoy some shots from Shealy's Pond Heritage Preserve, a site protected by the state across town from me. CPs grow naturally there and it's just a wonderful place to spend time and explore. Who else is fortunate enough to live close to natural cp...
  7. swgrinton

    Some moss

    I've plucked different mosses from all over my yard to create a patchwork around my Sarracenia. Never had a problem. In fact I laid a bunch over some D. capensis last year, forgot about them and was delighted when they erupted through with no problem this year. Your photograph looks just like...
  8. swgrinton

    Eye Candy from Zath's Collection

    Really nice [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. swgrinton

    Greetings from SC...

    I got into CPs while working for the SC Dept. of Natural Resources. My work brought me into contact with carnivorous plants in their natural habitat here in SC. I just become enamored with them. I met a propagator on assignment once and he sent me home with a mini bog garden. I've been growing...