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    Long shot - Any Place to Buy Live Sphagnum Moss - Orange County, Ca

    I am wondering if anyone on here knows where one might be able to purchase some live sphagnum moss around or in Orange County California? (Want to try to support some local shops before purchasing online.)
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    Flightless Fruit Flies as food for VFTs, Thoughts?

    I was wondering what anyone's thoughts are about using flightless fruit flies from a culture to feed the VFTs. I tried it, but the success rate of one of the traps being triggered was not good and I also don't think the fruit flies would provide enough nutrients to be worth the plants effort...
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    Greetings from Anaheim, Ca

    Hello all, Recently bought some CPs from a nursery and very excited to have them setup in a little bog I made. Started with four but then quickly bought four more and then another three that are en route. I have a nice little assortment of CPs that should do great in their little bog out doors...