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  1. Brokken

    Found a worm in nepenthes pot

    Today, as I was looking over my neps, I saw a worm wriggling in the open media. I thought to myself... how can that be? I've always been careful to use all new medium and new pots when transplanting my neps and I always use RO water from the store... then it hit me: I've seen snails on my...
  2. Brokken

    New camera, new skillz... some interesting shots. (Thanks for looking!)

    I'd love to get some constructive criticism. I took a DSLR photography course and would certainly value some input from people who've been doing photography for some time. Tell me if they see anything where I can improve my photography skills.
  3. Brokken

    Free!!! 55 gallon reptarium/vivarium/terrarium

    Must be able to pick up in the Bay Area (San Jose). 55 gallon tank - perfect for growing CPs, or housing a variety of reptiles, insects or small mammals. The unit holds water but it has a factory side pannel for access, so it cannot be used as a fishtank (unless you only want to fill it halfway...
  4. Brokken

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Show and Sale

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale April 21st marks our second South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale. A unique opportunity to see first-hand one of nature's botanical wonders: carnivorous plants. You will not only learn about these amazing plants, but also have the opportunity to...
  5. Brokken

    New Camera: Lumix GF3

    While I like my Nikon for point and shoot, I couldn't readily control depth of field and shutter speed as all these things are all done automatically for you. The first picture illustrates the Nikon camera. Sometimes I have to trick it by locking focus and then move closer or further away. The...
  6. Brokken


    Hi folks, I've been raising this nep since it was a rootless bud from Wistuba. It was sold to me as a N. macrophylla but recent reports state that a lot of the so called macros from Wistuba turned out to be N x Trusmadiensis. I think it's reached a point where it maybe possible to make a...
  7. Brokken

    Trading ventricosa x Trusmadiensis - looking for other TM crosses

    Hi there, I have a Sabre (ventricosa x Trusmadiensis) that I'm looking to trade for other TM crosses or stuff with nice peristomes. This will be an unrooted cutting, fully grown about 10" in diameter. This particular clone takes after lowii more than other Sabres, so it has a winder pitcher...
  8. Brokken

    Quid Pro Quo Nepenthes Giveaway

    I have the following Nepenthes that I am looking to give away. There is a catch though: Preference will be given to those people who have given back to the community. The following is a list of available neps. Your request should include the order of preference for each nepenthes (with your most...
  9. Brokken

    Old vs. New (DSC-9 vs. S8100)

    So I decided to get something slightly newer than my old DSC9 Sony Camera. I'm still learning how to use it and I do realize after looking at the pics that the focal point was different in the two shots but still... a much cleaner shot: Sony DSC-9: Nikon Coolpix S8100: I realize that...
  10. Brokken

    S x "Adrian Slack" for N. edwardsiana

    Hi there, I'm looking to obtain a Nepenthes ewardsiana. In return I'm willing to trade a division of the highly coveted Sarracenia "Adrian Slack". This is the real deal - originally from Brooks Garcia. I'm also willing to trade multiple neps for a single eddy. The list of available plants is...
  11. Brokken


    Hi folks, I'm looking to get rid of a 55 gallon vivarium - It has an access panel on the side, so it can't be used as an aquarium (not filled to the top at least). It used to house my lowland nepenthes before I outgrew it - but it's a really nice tank. Not really looking for compensation - but...
  12. Brokken


    The Peter D'Amato cultivar I've had for the last two years never was very vigorous and started losing its growth point about 6 months ago, so I decided that I would get another one.... easier said than done. Finally though I was able to procure a new one: The irony of this is, that just as I...
  13. Brokken


    Normally, I do weekly sprays of a weak orchid fertilizer but I'm pretty leary about using ground fertilizers. About 6 months ago though, I decided to put about 3 pellets of osmocote in each pot and though I have no controls, it didn't seem to harm them either. Tonite, I re-fertilized all the...
  14. Brokken

    Nepenthes Sabre - looking for other Sabre forms or TM crosses

    Hi there! I have a rooted Sabre plant which I'm willing to trade for other Sabre forms (ventricosa x Trusmadiensis) or other plants with Trusmadiensis pedigree. This is a very significant plant: It is about 10 inches tall and about a foot in width. Only serious inquiries only, please. PM me...
  15. Brokken

    South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show - April 2nd - 12:00 to 4:00PM

    Hi folks, April 2nd, we will be hosting our first - hopefuly of more to come - South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale at the Santa Teresa Library Branch in San Jose. It is a relaxed and informal atmosphere where you can meet other fellow enthusiasts and purchase a few plants for your...
  16. Brokken

    Meet Cephalotus "Fuzzikins"

    Take a look at this spectacular new hybrid: I've decided to name it "Fuzzikins". It should be obvious why. When healthy, this plant develops gorgeous pitchers that are covered in a grey pubescence making the play look unlike anything I've seen on this or any other forum. In order to attain...
  17. Brokken

    3D Nepenthes

    If you have a pair of red/green 3D glasses, check out: And here's a bonus picture:
  18. Brokken

    Drosophyllum flower buds

    Drosophyllum about to flower:
  19. Brokken

    Drosera Gemmae contest

    So here's a little riddle: which species name can be found across Nepenthes, Drosera and Pinguicula? - it also happens to be three species that I have in my collection. Still don't get it? Well... Say for example, 'gigantea'. There's Drosera gigantea and Pinguicula gigantea, but to the best of...
  20. Brokken

    Nepenthes unknown - help with ID

    Hi there, When I traded for this plant, it had an ID tag, but it seems to be lost through my own carelessness. Does this plant look like any known crosses or even registered cultivars? Your help is appreciated.