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  1. lil hokie

    Greensboro, NC Meet & Eat!!

    Hello all! While the CCPS is finalizing our main schedule of events our secretary and myself are hoping to add more people to our lunch meet-ups. I know there are quite a few people within reasonable driving distance to Greensboro. We are planning to meet on March 23rd. The time has not been...
  2. lil hokie

    I want to see your tallest pitcher!!

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the tallest pitcher of them all! Hello everyone! I am a fan of very tall pitchers so let me see your tallest Sarracenia pitchers! Here is my tallest at the moment! S. alata Ignore the picture quality! It is hard to hover over other plants, hold a tape...
  3. lil hokie

    Show me your awesome filiformis pictures!!!

    And I will show you mine. :pics: (I couldn't help myself.) Anyways... I love D. filiformis. It has to be my favorite sundew. I was hoping that there are others that share this love and will post there pictures so I can stare at them instead of doing productive things. They do not have to be...
  4. lil hokie

    Wanted: Sarracenia Flower Petals.

    Yes that is right. I want sarracenia flower petals that have dropped from the flowers and hopefully that have dried out. This is for a project I am attempting to do. Let me know if you are willing to help out!
  5. lil hokie

    CALLING ALL BOSTON MEMEBERS! Johnny are you okay!?

    Im not sure how many members are in the Boston area but Brie and I would like to know if our friend is okay. Johnny let us know! Any others in the area??
  6. lil hokie

    Your First Carnivorous Plant!

    Since my last question is doing so well, I will ask my second question now. What was your very first carnivorous plant? What year did you get it? Is it still alive? Picture(s)!! I will go first. Mine was a typical vft. I got it in 2003. Sadly it is no longer alive. It died in 2005/2006...
  7. lil hokie

    Your Oldest Plant??

    Hello everyone!! I thought it would be cool to hear how old your oldest plant is (carnivorous or not). And what would be even more awesome is if you have a picture from then and a picture of it now. Please share! And...begin the awesomeness!
  8. lil hokie

    lil hokie's growlist!

    Roughly here it is: Dionaea - Dente - Typical (Deathcube from Lowes) - Another set of typicals...I think. - Jaws x 1955 - Red Piranha - B52 - Big Mouth - Big Snap - Czech Giant - BZ 1955 - Dutch Delight - Akai Ryu - Green Dragon - FTS Purple Ambush - Coquillage - FTS Flaming Lips - FTS Lunatic...
  9. lil hokie

    Looking for cold temperate Ping seeds.

    I am looking for any kind of cold temperate pinguicula seeds or even warm-temperate (as long as the ping can grow outside year round in Zone 7)! Thanks in advance!
  10. lil hokie

    What is this? Fungus or Mold?

    Hello! I just got two new plants today and one came with this: It was only on this dead leaf and I looked through both plants and did not see anything else. So my question is what is it? And do I have to worry...
  11. lil hokie

    What kind of Sarr seed did you collect this season??

    So since I am pretty much obsessed with Sarrs and only had one flower pop up this season I want to be nosy. What crosses did you make this year?
  12. lil hokie

    Calling all NC members (and those in the surrounding states)!!

    Hello all! I am looking to setup a network/group in North Carolina and the surrounding area of CP growers/lovers/fans/groupies! Please post here if you are in the area and are interested. I have already created a group on Facebook called Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society so please look it...
  13. lil hokie

    UNC Charlotte & NCBG in Chapel Hill, NC (Very Photo Heavy)

    Hello all! Just this past week I visited my alma mater, UNC Charlotte, and the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill. Both of these are home to several cultivars registered by Larry Mellichamp (in Charlotte) and Robert Gardner (in Chapel Hill). I have already posted the best photos...
  14. lil hokie

    Is anyone growing U. inflata?

    And if so could you post a picture or explain how to grow it. I would really like one (one day). I am trying to find information on them and not really having that much luck. Thanks in advance!
  15. lil hokie

    lil hokie's CP Photo Thread

    Hello! I figured I would start one of these. I also figured it would be much much easier if I just start with the pictures I took today rather than go back and mess with all my photos (although I will probably post like a side panel of before and after shots at some point). Forgive me but my...
  16. lil hokie

    My Little Seedlings.

    I just wanted to post a quick shot of my Dente seedlings. There are now 11! Woo! That would be a dime for scale. Close up. These were taken on June 27th. Not much has changed since then but their numbers (from 9 to 11).
  17. lil hokie

    CP Dreams?

    I was just wondering if any one else here has dreams about carnivorous plants? I had another one last night. This time I was just hired at a nursery I am sure does not have any CP ties. And while working there I found a water tray with a bunch of little uprooted Sarracenia seedlings in it for...
  18. lil hokie


    I do not know how many of you are planning on seeing Prometheus or have seen it already BUT if you do and you look closely you will see a Nepenthes on the ship in one of the character's rooms!! I whacked my dad's arm when I saw it. Plus I thought it was a really good movie.
  19. lil hokie

    I made a CP video..

    Hello all! I made a video of my plants for my Grandma. Long story short I may have went a little overboard and geeked out a little too much but she enjoyed it. I hope you all do as well!
  20. lil hokie

    Looking for Sarr. Seeds.

    Hello all! I hope everyone is having an excellent year so far. I am looking for any type of Sarracenia seed anyone is looking to unload haha. I do not have anything to trade at the moment because my mom loves to kill all my plants. She does it with one look, glance, thought, or word towards...