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    How do I add a picture now?

    I cant figure out how to post a picture now Its a bit frustrating
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    Are these Chanterelles?

    I found these by a trail in the woods near a small river. I think they are Chanterelles. They definitely don't match false Chanterelles or jack o lanterns. Can anyone confirm so I can go cook them up? Thanks for the help.
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    Anyone growing EP "Gothica"? It is a beautiful Nep I never see here.

    I have had a EP "Gothica" for years now. I got it through Sunbelle years ago. I never hear anything about the pot plant line of this that was available for a short amount of time. It would be awesome if any of you collectors out there could throw up a pic or two. This is mine and I have a...
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    Pinguicula in a Quahaug shell at 8 years

    So apparently I have had these in this shell for around 8 years. I'm surprised how resilient mexi pings are! These have been through severe under watering, low light, high light, and some neglect. Original post, Pinguicula in a Quahaug shell 1 year PICS Peace, Zero
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    N. "Predator"

    Remake of the original <a href="http://s167.photobucket.com/user/zero1978/media/Predator2.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u158/zero1978/Predator2.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Predator2.jpg"/></a>
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    lowii x truncata wide peristome

    My favorite nep
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    Post your polllen collecting, preservation, and sending techniques.

    Post your polllen collecting, preservation, and sending techniques. I am currently collecting and desicating polllen from this truncata. Looking for female flowers ASAP:poke:
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    truncata pollen

    Looking for a female Nep in the near future. name: N. truncata source: Exotica gender: male estimated date of 1st flower opening: not sure but you can guesstimate by the picture location: I live in the USA I think everyone knows truncatas make for great hybids. PM me if interested. Peace, Zero...
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    need help please keeping water off the floor, putting in new carpeting

    I have not been around for a while but I am redoing the paint and carpeting where I am at and would like to know how people keep water off the floor when they have a large plant rack indoors. My large hanging neps drip when watered and I would like the most effective way to keep the floor/carpet...
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    lowii ABG clone, splendiana x ('Rokko' x stenophylla), and maxima flower

    Some crappy high ISO handheld Pics. My maxima mini flowered and I thought it was another male. Well I should of looked closer because it's a female:/ I really want to get my own seedgrown hybrid but it's too late for that this time. PIC, My recently re potted lowii ABG clone is starting to...
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    H. pulchella pic, Death Trap

    PIC I thought came out good. H. pulchella Death Trap Peace, Zero
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    jacquelineae seed germination

    The jacquelineae seeds I planted finally germinated. I'm going to try fertilizing these on a regular basis so I don't have to wait forever for them to grow up. Pics aren't to exciting but I needed to take some pics for reference and wanted to use my $3 macro lens thing I got on eBay. The...
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    new lowii x truncata wide persitome and others

    I received my lowii x truncata from tony p today. PICS This splendiana x ('Rokko' x stenophylla) seedling has a nice striped persitome albomarginata penang red from seed albomarginata Gunung Jerai maxima from seed truncata seedlings lowii from ABG top shelf in grow...
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    filiformis seeds for SASE

    I forgot to add, please PM me for My address and include a note stating your screen name with SASE. I have some fresh filiformis seeds for SASE. 5 Packets They are very cold hardy, they stay frozen all winter here in Maine. The seeds will require stratification. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pic of a couple of...
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    My stuff

    I thought I would put my pics in one thread. Dogs CP's and other flowers, updated randomly. Cooper my mothers newest dog, a short haired 2 colored Dachshund. He loves to burrow in blankets. Super Cooper, Peace, Zero
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    My first Pinguiciula seeds :)

    I'm really happy right now. :-D I just harvested my first Mexican Pinguicula seeds after many failed attempts over the past 3-4 years. I don't know the cross except that the one with the seeds is a Pinguicula moctezumae. They will be sown today or tomorrow and I will update this thread if or...
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    HUGE fire next door PICS

    I woke up to a HUGE fire next door. Most of the pics were taken from my front porch and you can see my white apartment building in some pics. There were 2 counties that responded to the fire with 75+ firefighters on scene. All the water flooded the street. 13 people were left homeless:( I think...
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    Spider, Blue fangs

    I was messing with one of those types of spiders that bit me and it bared these blue fangs, T style with the 2 front legs up and everything. I didn't get a pic of that but got these pics in low light. PICS Anyone know what this is? I know nothing about insects. Peace, Zero
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    ventricosa x ephippiata and 'Black Dragon'

    My ventricosa x ephippiata put out it's first pitcher with hairs under the lid. I really like this Nep. PICS, 'Black Dragon' izumiae x truncata 12" pitcher Peace, Zero
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    URGENT, Need plantsitters.

    Hi TF, I have been having health problems and can't really take care of my cp's very well. If I don't find some caretakers they will most likely die. This year I have had a fully separated shoulder that I'm planning to have a operation on to fix so I can use my right arm. I also have a bad blood...