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  1. nepenthes05

    Giant and interesting species I might be able to grow

    Hey guys. Last time I tried to get info for species I like and might be able to grow I havn't given enough info so you couldn't know which species I could be able to grow. Well, I thought of an idea. I've searched for nepenthes which are known to be able to grow here, as it might give an...
  2. nepenthes05

    nepenthes clipeata- growing conditions, care tips and questions

    Hello. I decided that if I buy nepenthes, I'll but clipeata. I live near tel aviv in israel. will it be able to grow outside? and if not, how can I grow it in the best way? which care tips do you have? which soil mix should I use? thank you.
  3. nepenthes05

    nepenthes species wanted+ advice needed

    hello everybody, I'm quite new to growing nepenthes species, and I don't have any tools which are needed for growing nepenthes and other tropical plants. we have here subtropical climate, and I've grown outside a nepenthes hybrid, but never a pure, rare species. which things are needed to grow...