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    Chinese Mantids for trade

    I just want to see what 300 mantises in one place looks like. Picture?
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    the NASA picture on mars *Hoax?

    We could still win by uploading a virus into their systems. You just hit the "upload virus" button and it's all over for them.
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    Bullfrog tadpole care

    I had one that my sister wanted me to take care of while she was on a trip. I didn't know anything about them. I just happened to have an empty aquarium that was up and running. The tadpole didn't develop at all for quite a while... it was taking much longer than the websites suggested. I...
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    the NASA picture on mars *Hoax?

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    ever wondered what an idiot looks like?

    An electrician would tell you that they're actually pretty safe. The kneejerk "water + electricity = death" response often isn't based in reality. So they're either dumb, or electricians. It might be a little of both.
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    Anyone using Firefox?

    Firefox is excellent, but it's famously bloated. It'll be slow for a lot of people. Firefox 3 will be a big improvement, speed-wise. I've found Firefox to be the most standards-compliant, with Opera being a very very close second. Firefox 3 and Opera 10 will be bastions of compliance. If a...
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    connecting 2nd computer to internet

    3) You can get a router with a print server built in. If you do that, you can print to it from any computer (provided the printer itself likes PCs and Macs already). If it's a network printer, you plug it into the router and don't need a print server. Either option is very handy. Otherwise, no...
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    Free Energy

    A recently-announced development in maintaining constant output with solar: http://www.inhabitat.com/2008/01/14/energy-breakthrough-storing-solar-power-with-salt/
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    Anyone else model on the computer ???

    I was in school to do special effects in movies, but I ended up focusing on the web instead. I always intended to pick up 3D again as a hobby. I miss it. On hand I only have thumbnails from one 3D Studio project. I'd have to do some digging to find anything else. 1000 points if you can guess...
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    Planted fish tank coming up!!

    The difference really starts to matter after people get algae and they try to get rid of it by strategically starving their tanks. Algae always has food. If the plants aren't turning brown left and right, algae has plenty of food. Even if the plants turn brown, algae has food, because there are...
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    Planted fish tank coming up!!

    My philosophy is no stem plants. That cuts the maintenance WAY down. And plecos and otos aren't good algae eaters? That would be true if there was only one type of algae in the world. I had an empty 33 gallon stock tank once with glass covered in brown and green sheets of algae. I added one oto...
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    the blue man

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    Interesting Book

    Since we're free to do most things, someone wrote a book and wanted it published and no one stopped it from happening because a law wasn't being broken. It's not an admission of support from any particular agency.
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    Soldering a led growlight

    I'd visit the websites of companies who build and sell LED lamps like the one you intend to make. Most of them are filled with marketing half-truths, but some give some good details on the advancements they've made, which portions of the spectrum they target, and how many LEDs are effective for...
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    Ron Paul 2008 Revolution

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that koalas have colonies of microbes in their guts that do the detoxification for them. The mothers pass these microbes on to their babies by feeding them regurgitated food. I didn't think they had any natural immunity to the toxins whatsoever (not...
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    The Mike Huckabee 2008 thread

    Most incriminating are the societies that have no flood myth whose written histories cover that era. A planet-engulfing flood doesn't just go unnoticed. :) Especially since Noah and Co. are supposed to be the only survivors. EDIT: Mokele beat me to it.
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    The Mike Huckabee 2008 thread

    The responses in this thread weren't made by scientists except those made by Mokele (if there are other scientists here, my apologies for not being aware), and I seriously doubt the gene pool comment was made by a disciplined skeptic, whoever it was. :) This whole faith argument is an infamous...
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    The Mike Huckabee 2008 thread

    There's a fundamental problem in this argument that no one making it ever seems to notice, and it's one of the things about the religious that drive the non-religious so nuts. You can't claim that something is far outside human understanding, and then claim to have some understanding of it in...
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    Plant water from Snow

    You may not find it very satisfying. It's amazing how little water there really is in a bucket of snow. I did it once and decided it just wasn't worth the trouble.
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    my own LED experiment..........

    Lumens are really a measure of brightness to the eye. Arrays of red and blue LEDs that are more than sufficient for plants will still appear very dim, so lumens aren't a very useful metric here.