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  1. Hamata-Honzo

    Honzo's Texas Highland Tank Build

    Hey Plant Bois Haven't made a post here in a while. Earlier I had made a thread monitoring my outdoor Texas mini bog progress. Let me give you the final update now: FLOP. As a matter of fact, most of all my attempts to grow these plants have been just that: big old flops. I have owned several...
  2. Hamata-Honzo

    Honzo's Texas Mini-Bog(s)

    Howdy, y'all! Starting a series of pots in the front yard. These will be fully exposed to the harsh Texas sun and relatively low humidity (generally around 30%-40%). My main purpose for this thread is to hopefully clear up any doubts that these plants can be grown in harsh conditions such as...
  3. Hamata-Honzo

    So how do you do it?

    I am stumped. HOW DO YOU GROW LIVE SPHAGNUM AS A TOP LAYER WITHOUT IT BURNING?? I seriously dig those pots of nepenthes with the billowing sphagnum moss literally pouring over the sides... what does it take?? frequent overhead misting? pot sitting in water? ugh. pics of your plant-moss combos...
  4. Hamata-Honzo

    UHL Terrarium cooled w/ aquarium chiller

    Hey Guys. I am planning to put together a UHL terrarium cooled with a 1/2 horsepower aquarium chiller connected to a radiator with a small fan behind it. I put this thread here because the main focus is the chilling technique, not the terrarium itself. I will also be connecting a humidifying...
  5. Hamata-Honzo

    Any Updates on the Red Hairies?

    Whats up y'all... was wondering if anyone had gotten their Red Hairy Hamatas up to the same level as the one pictured in BE's regal image of its pitcher. If not, a picture of the progress of your plant will suffice! Its been a very long time since I actually saw a specimen!
  6. Hamata-Honzo

    awesome COOLED growroom!

    behold- the chillking 'Grow Freezer'... just what we needed to grow those huge villosas' and eddies! http://www.hydroponicsonline.com/store/CHILLKING-600W-GROW-FREEZER-HYDRO-INNOVATIONS-TENT_260709603668.html
  7. Hamata-Honzo

    your opinion on tissue culture sales!!

    Hey guys (i know, this is my third thread started today!) I was wondering, after all this research on tissue culture, how do people such as andreas sell their plants? well here is what i came up with- i will be purchasing a micropropogation lab in a few, and have decided spontaneously that i...
  8. Hamata-Honzo

    Nepenthes tissue culture- leaf cuttings?

    Hey guys I was reading around again and I got really interested in the subject of nep tissue culture. After reading for a while, a question came up... Can you culture plants from sectioned off leaves of nepenthes? If active cells are required, is it possible to use... Maybe a developING leaf...
  9. Hamata-Honzo

    How to order from a foreign nepenthes distributor?

    Hey guys This spring I am planning to order from a foreign nepenthes distributor, but I am not exactly sure how the whole transaction goes down. In other words, how do I know if all the paper work is in order, etc. if anyone has one, a list of the papers needed to import... Say a...
  10. Hamata-Honzo

    Peltier cooling terrariums

    Hey guys I know there are multiple threads that cover this topic- but i want to get recent and specific: is there anyone who has a still fully functional peltier cooled terrarium? If so I would REALLY like some insight on how you accomplished such a set up. This is because I am trying to cool a...
  11. Hamata-Honzo

    Nepenthes Hamata Selected clone- worth it?

    Hey Guys. I need some input. Do you think that recent stock of Nepenthes Hamata- selected clone is worth investing Two hundred and Thirty dollars in? It looks SO nice, but i want to know if its worth spending my christmas budget on. Anyone else get it? what is your experience with the clone if...
  12. Hamata-Honzo

    Exoterra terrarium thread!

    Hey guys I am building a new terrarium out of one of those Large, Wide terrariums by said company, so i want to see some great examples from the community! pictures and descriptions welcome and much appreciated!
  13. Hamata-Honzo

    New Bical... any tips?

    hey guys i just received my tiny N.Bical Saraswak red in the mail, and am really excited to see it take off. I have read online on how these plants if left alone can grow VERY fast. is this true? are there any tips out there on how to make this plant grow large in the shortest amount of time...
  14. Hamata-Honzo

    A question... could be followed by something....

    hey guys. i had a question about sales. the reason i post this here is because i have something related to the title of this forum section i want to sell (relation to Greenhouses, Terrariums and Bog gardens). now what i wanted to do was let people know i had this 'thing', not directly sell it on...
  15. Hamata-Honzo

    New Hamata, slightly smaller pitchers.

    Hey guys i think i have a problem (it seems whenever i post on here i do LOL). I got my little Hamata (FINALLY!) a couple weeks ago and it has put out its first pitcher! Thats great! but here is the problem- the new pitcher is about two inches tall, while the ones previous are two and a half...
  16. Hamata-Honzo

    New Growtent info

    Hey guys i had a quick question... couple days ago i bought a 4' by 4' by 78" grow tent. i was gonna get this... 4 Bulb/8 Tube T5 HO Grow Light Hydroponic 2ft/4ft 48" Bloom Veg Fluorescent Lamp. Im pretty sure, but i wanted to ask if this is good? i am gonna hang it on the top (maybe a foot...
  17. Hamata-Honzo


    Hey fellow growers. I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I need an n. hamata to fulfill my life dream of growing one. But, unfortunately, moolah don't grow on trees,and I can't find enough money to buy one. So if anybody is interested, I have two plants I can trade for it... An n.jac (med) And...
  18. Hamata-Honzo

    Nepenthes Hamata Help!

    Hey fellow growers!:-D I just wanted to ask a question that seems to be on a lot of peoples minds- how do you have a Nepenthes Hamata grow good and healthy? I have a terrarium in warm texas with the following- 55 gallon with 2 t12 dual bulb fixtures sitting a good length from the plants (and...
  19. Hamata-Honzo

    Hamata Honzo's Growlist

    Okee, here is my not quite extensive (so far) growlist... Nepenthes Jacquelineae - small Nepenthes Ephippiata - smaller Nepenthes Veitchii - large Typical Vft- large all are growing in Live Sphagnum moss in net pots under grow lights in a terrarium. will post pics soon.:boogie:
  20. Hamata-Honzo

    in the house y'all, greenhouse that is!

    Hey fellow forumers' just wanted to introduce myself. I joined this site in order to get more experience than i already have from some pros that visit this site on carnivorous plants- particularily Nepenthes. i am not a huge collector (wish i was, but alas, i live in Texas in my families house)...