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  1. mcmcnair

    US CP Expeditions with Redfern Natural History

    I'll be leading some really incredible expeditions this summer through Redfern Natural History. This is a link to the PDF of the itineraries. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4iwm7by01tdywli/2015%20USA%20CP%20Expeditions%20FINAL.pdf?dl=0
  2. mcmcnair

    In Situ Expeditions

    I am in the process of creating itineraries for different trips to see carnivorous plants in the wild here in the US. I'm designing the trips based on the wants of others as I likely will be leading groups of people to see these plants. They won't be able to collect seed, cuttings, or any plant...
  3. mcmcnair

    DUW: Heart of Borneo Expedition and ICPS Conference 2014

    So I spent a little over half of June and all of July of this year in Borneo and Australia. I flew quite literally, around the world and it was absolutely incredible. I flew from RDU to JFK where I spent eight hours sitting around on the airport floor. Then I flew directly to Frankfurt, Germany...
  4. mcmcnair

    Rokko Hybrids! The Official Picture Thread

    So late last year and into early this year I gave away hundreds if not thousands of hybrid Nepenthes seeds from hybrids that I was able to make because of pollen donated from both this community and a few others. The "donated by" refers to who gave me the pollen that made the crosses possible...
  5. mcmcnair

    ICPS Presentation- Sarracenia: A Nomenclature Nightmare

    For those of you that couldn't make it to the conference this summer here is a pdf of my presentation. Sorry there is no audio attached and the file size is so enormous. Any questions, feel free to email me at the address given at the end of the pdf. Also keep in mind that this is my opinion...
  6. mcmcnair

    The Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group

    One of the most exciting things to come out of the ICPS conference was the announcement of the CPSG (Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group). Currently the group is really in its infancy. To be precise the website was launched about two days before the conference. Rob Cantley's lecture at the...
  7. mcmcnair

    Variation within a Species... Posters!

    I will be giving a lecture at the upcoming ICPS conference on Sarracenia and part of my lecture is discussing the definition of a species and how much variation is allowed within a species before a plant needs to be split into a new species. Too often people get the idea that a species...
  8. mcmcnair

    Nursery Catalogs!

    Hey everyone, I'm working at Camellia Forest Nursery in Chapel Hill, NC and we are getting ready to release our new 2014 catalog which I did all the layout and design work for. If you or anyone you know would like help developing some sort of catalog I charge very reasonable rates and I...
  9. mcmcnair

    Nepenthes 'Rokko' aka Wolfplant Cuttings Giveaway!

    Hey guys, so it is that time of year when the NCSU greenhouses need to be cleaned up some and I will be taking home dozens and dozens of cuttings of the confirmed FEMALE Nepenthes 'Rokko' they have had since the 1980s. This is one of the original plants from Japan when the original cross was...
  10. mcmcnair

    CCPS Board Elections

    Hey Everyone! From now until Friday at 9pm EST the CCPS will be holding board of directors elections. They are hosted here http://ccps.boards.net/board/67/ccps-board-election-2013 You must log in to view the polls, but you do not have to be a paid member of the CCPS to vote. Thanks!
  11. mcmcnair


    For those of you that may be interested, one of my other hobbies is homebrewing. I'm still relatively new to it but last week I decided to embark on a pretty cool adventure... making Chicha de Jora! So the other night I stumbled upon the Chicha episode of Brewmasters via Netflix and seeing that...
  12. mcmcnair

    My "Other" Calendar Entries

    Since this year's TF calendar contest only allows one entry I had a tough time choosing. Just so you all don't miss out on the other photos I was considering on entering here are my other entries. All these photos were taken in situ VFT Long Red Cilia, red banded outer by mcmcnair, on Flickr...
  13. mcmcnair

    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    Howdy all! This thread is where I will be hosting a bunch of giveaways of freshly harvested hybrid Nepenthes seeds from the female Unknown hybrid living at the NCSU greenhouses which we have affectionately named Nepenthes "Wolfplant" our best guess for what the parents of The Wolfplant are...
  14. mcmcnair

    NECPS 2013 Fall Plant Show Roll Call!

    Who all is going? I am and I'll be giving a lecture Sunday morning at 10am so be sure to be there!
  15. mcmcnair

    Masters Degree for me!

    So for those of you that I have not told already... This past Friday I was invited by a professor at UNC-Charlotte to come work on some research projects with him as a graduate school student. The goals of the project are 1) understanding natural genetic variation (including hybridization and...
  16. mcmcnair

    Location Data Sarracenia minor giveaway

    Hey guys, So the CCPS recently received a ton of seedlings of Sarracenia minor with location data from Francis Marion National Forest from Dr. Larry Mellichamp, the creator of the Bug Series Sarracenia. We have so many that we're going to give a few away. If you want a chance to grow some of...
  17. mcmcnair

    What Clone am I?

    So I recently received a cutting of a beautiful N. x Briggsiana from Huntington Gardens and I don't know what clone it is. They told me the plant originally came from Leo Song. Excuse the no lids. All the pitchers didn't have them because kids tore them all off. Does anyone know what clone it is...
  18. mcmcnair

    Brand New Hybrid Nepenthes Seed Giveaway!

    I recently received seeds of a very special hybrid of N. rajah x N. "rigidifolia". The N. rigidifolia is the Leilani rigidifolia which is known to not be the true species. Nonetheless this hybrid is sure to be a knockout. Here are pictures of the two parent plants. I do not claim rights to...
  19. mcmcnair

    CCPS & CFCC 2014 Conference! (Ongoing Thread)

    The Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society and Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) in Wilmington, NC are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a conference next year! The majority of the proceeds will go toward funding the care and maintenance of the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden and...
  20. mcmcnair

    N. maxima hybrid Flowering NOW! Need Pollen!

    Hey guys this monster has 3 female flower stalks already opening the bottom most flowers so I need pollen ASAP! PM me with your pollen donors! 50/50 seed split I do not know where this plant originated or what its true parentage is, so please don't ask. It likely has some N. alata in it as well...