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  1. raycer491

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of revamp to the meeting schedules on Facebook, but Carnivorous Plant Resource is hosting profiles for the various communities, including ours, for the sake of those not on the forums or FB. I've added a bit of a summary describing the group, and there is...
  2. raycer491

    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    heya healthcare so as the others have noted, yeah, it's pretty much impossible to say exactly what's in those crosses... for certain, that is. The art of speculation, however, should not be discounted. Although no substitute for a written pedigree, speculation is a skill that can help if you...
  3. raycer491

    Moss in utricularia pots

    Yes, the turface forms a very shallow layer of about 1 cm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. raycer491

    Moss in utricularia pots

    I actually used to cultivate moss for bonsai. Submerging it will spread it more than anything. The trick is starting with a moss-free substrate that the utric can develop over before the moss does; i.e. finding a medium that the utric grows fast enough over to cover the open ground and...
  5. raycer491

    Should dead leaves be trimmed / cleaned up?

    Also forgot to add that fungus can accumulate under dead leaves if they’re dense enough. Never hurts to trim, and in my opinion it never hurts to cut everything off and wait for a complete regeneration of the crown Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. raycer491

    Should dead leaves be trimmed / cleaned up?

    As grey points out, there’s no need to. The plant doesn’t have a barber to trim it up in nature. But the dead leaves in an indoor atmosphere can harbor fungus. In certain situations, especially when cleaning a plant from a fungal infection, or repotting it so it’s stem sits below the soil...
  7. raycer491

    Looking For (trade) ISO S. purpurea Ft. Nelson, BC Canada

    Hey there guys, I'm searching for plants from this location - the western-most point in the range of Sarracenia. Some forms of S. purpurea from Fort Nelson are veinless and I am keen to acquire one of those especially. I have D. 'Hercules' for trade. Let me know if you're up for a trade! I know...
  8. raycer491

    DJ57's CP farm

    it's nuts! do you suspect that new sarr growth will be impacted by the snow? my precocious black vein flava had already started showing legitimate pitcher growth this season and I was thinking about it this morning.
  9. raycer491

    November meeting!

    that was definitely a fun get-together. I can definitely see myself heading up to SEA every other month for trades giveaways and plant gossip. Washingtonians (hell, anybody) are always welcome to come over to Oregon as well I'll definitely bring some goodies with me next time
  10. raycer491

    What is the proper pronunciation of N. "aristolochioides"?

    aristo. period. don't even bother with the rest of it saying aris-tolo-kioi-deez in person really knocks the wind outta me
  11. raycer491

    300w maxsisun LED sucking the life out of my sundews

    I've understood that sometimes Red-Blue LEDs (which I understand your maxisuns to be) cause some plants that appreciate stronger light intensity to form unusual foliage. It doesn't surprise me that the binata is doing great, it's a sundew that can tolerate lower intensities of light, but the...
  12. raycer491

    Pygmy sundew seeds

    This is a message sent to me by Manfred Meisterl, who propagates pygmy drosera: "they usually germinate in early spring...seems they need a short break of cool temperature and moisture after the hot summer...they germinate easy and rapidly from seed...just sow the seeds at the end of the season...
  13. raycer491

    A new place for meeting photos!

    Thanks mark! Helluva give away we had. That huge orchidioides utric in the glass vase - anyone know the name for it?
  14. raycer491

    In the spotlight

    i very well may. Though I'd hesitate to call out Mat as a complete criminal without more official inquiry than the Mercury
  15. raycer491

    In the spotlight

    Yeah, I'd seen the article right before the meet but I really didn't want to discuss the piece with the rest of the group in person. Online there's less chance for heated conversations and questions can be asked articulately. I don't think that Mat necessarily deserves so much blame, there...
  16. raycer491

    A new place for meeting photos!

    very happy that I snatched up that catesbei and Grendel, what a gem. that and the other things Kinjie brought. our show and tell just keeps getting more and more dramatic, i can't wait till the leucos put out their fall foliage
  17. raycer491

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bad Wings by the Glitch Mob gonna ace my finals yeeeeeah
  18. raycer491

    H. sarracenioides cultivation

    if I've got small divisions (2.5 inch tall, 1 inch tall) and I'll probably be feeding them with 1tsp/ maxea per gallon do you find fungus to be a problem and do you treat anything with fungicide?
  19. raycer491

    H. sarracenioides cultivation

    wheee this will be fun, i might make this a running thread!
  20. raycer491

    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    that ibarrae looks better than mine, and I gave that pulling to you! might have to reevaluate my setup here soon, my pings are looking kinda shabby. but with turface they might be saved