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    Cheap USB LED grow lights

    Hello, just wanted some feedback on this - I recently bought two 5V 5W DC USB LED lights. I used 1 of them for about a month or two and my Nepenthes started to grow again, only this time the leaves are a fair bit smaller. They had stopped growing as previously had no special conditions for them...
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    DIY terrarium building & materials

    hey guys, so I'm thinking of building my own small/medium sized terrarium for my nepenthes, measurements would be 35x40x25. Anyone know what sort of materials I'd need ? I have no idea myself. would appreciate your suggestions -thanks PS: I've attached a photo I got from google of something...
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    Advice needed: Use of aquarium heaters.

    So I'm thinking of getting an aquarium heater, nothing specific. Just to boost temperature and humidity in my terrarium. Has anyone ever had experience using them? What can I expect? Is it a good idea? Cheers.
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    Drosera germination

    Hi guys. So I'm thinking of purchasing some Drosera seeds and have done a little bit of research and have found that some of the seeds I'm currently looking at buying, require 'hot stratification'. Is that where I put them in a sealed plastic bag for extra warmth and humidity? The seeds I've...
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    Sarracenias and winter dormancy

    How do I go about winter dormancy for a Sarracenia Psittacina and Purpurea? What temperatures can they handle and what is a maximum low for them to not go under(and can they handle frost/freezing and snow)? Also, do I just leave them in a windowsill or outside or can I place them in the fridge...
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    Sphagnum moss

    I am thinking of getting some live sphagnum moss and grow it for my CPs and was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some good tips on how to keep it healthy and thriving even. I know nothing about growing sphagnum moss.
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    LEDs for Nepenthes

    Which LEDs would you guys recommend to me for my Nepenthes 'Binky' and Ventricosa? Not looking for anything too big, so maybe a spotlight or small strip-light? It's getting close to winter here, and light levels are dropping so hoping to get some LEDs soon.
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    Dionaea in water

    Hello everyone! I cannot seem to find any direct answer to this question, can I keep my VFTs constantly stood in water? Whether they are in a tray full of water or not... Some say that they can for a few hours but if left too long, it can lead to rot. Others say that they do so just fine...
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    Sara & Nep

    Hello I have bought these two CPs to get back into the hobby. I don't know what they are exactly, could you help me out? PS sorry for the bad pics, it wouldn't let me add any of the better ones.. Cheers, Plantpot