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    PAID (Acro $5) Duckweed

    When the auction ends I’ll scoop out a starter culture of the duckweed from my shrimp bowl. Grows like a weed. Buyer pays 7 dollars for priority shipping.
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    Looking For (trade) N. ampullaria “Bau Green”

    Looking to trade this nepenthes ampullaria “bau green” for other lowlanders or intermediates. It’s very tall, and forming aerial rosettes of pitchers, and basal shoots. Willing to consider sale. PM offers.
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    Heli yellowing

    Got this h. minor about four weeks ago, and I bagged it, and have been trying to slowly harden it to indoor humidity levels. Sits under lights, with temps ranging from high sixties to about 80 F. I’ve been cutting holes in the bag, with little change in the plant until this weekend, when a lot...
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    For Trade N. copelandii

    Looking to trade my N. copelandii ‘Apo’. I’ve had it in my care for almost two years, and it’s grown very vigorously. Has very large and colorful pitchers for a plant of its size. Hardened to room temperature and humidity - a great intermediate/highlander. Looking for lowland neps, hybrid...
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    Looking For (trade) Looking for n. campanulata

    I figure it’s a long shot, but... PM if you have one for sale or trade.
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    My ping gigantea has been yellowing a bit in the older leaves lately. Is this normal seasonal dieback, or just aging? Growing under lights indoors, in pure perlite. Been getting bigger and healthier for months until recently. Change is slow, over the last few weeks. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Cold front coming in. Going to get down to 43 F one night, but back into the 70s the next day. My lowlanders live outside. Should I bring them in?
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    What did I do wrong?

    I tried to collect my N. maxima mini's pollen, and it was a bust. Shook the flowers over wax paper, thwacked them, tried a q-tip.... no pollen. Did I wait too long? Not wait long enough? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    N. maxima 'mini' blooming

    My Nepenthes maxima 'mini' is blooming. I'm not great with flowers, so can anyone tell yet if it is male or female? Either way, I'll be looking for a mate for this plant. It grows rapidly producing slender, tall, grey and brown mottled pitchers that are very attractive on a very small plant. I'm...
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    For Trade Nepenthes Ampullaria

    I have a rooted cutting of my Nep. ampullaria 'Bau Green' available for sale or trade. Prefer to trade for another variety of amp, but any lowlanders or intermediates considered. Picture of pitcher is from vendor.
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    Ventrata Appreciation

    So, ventrata is probably the most common nepenthes, and while I know I take it for granted, as it grows like a weed, it also sometimes surprises me. Also, it's the plant I make all my first mistakes on... so it's been a good sport. Anyone else have surprising shots of this under appreciated plant?
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    Give Away Nepenthes x ventrata giveaway

    My ventrata has grown like a weed and is threatening to break the tree branch it grows on with its weight. I'm cutting it back this week. So it's time for my first giveaway. I know this plant is common, but not everyone here has ever tried nepenthes. Or has this one. And it's pretty and easy...
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    For Trade Nepenthes cuttings

    My ventrata has grown like a weed and is threatening to break the tree branch it grows on with its weight. I'm cutting it back this week. Will send cuttings for postage and handling (about $7) plus whatever you think is fair. I have probably 20 feet of vine or more available. Let me know via PM...
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    Nepenthes 'Miranda'

    I have six nepenthes 'Miranda' for trade or sale. Now that summer is here they are growing fast and about to put out pitchers. (Picture of pitcher is from mother plant). PM me with questions or offers.
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    ping. gigantea

    Hi all. I'm looking for a pingicula gigantea - preferably an established plant, including media. I have various things to trade, including nep. Miranda and ampullaria 'bau green' rooted cuttings. PM me if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    N. copelandii

    N. copelandii - intermediate or highlander. It doesn't like my lowland/intermediate conditions. Grew very well for me this winter, but effects of heat already showing (it's in the 80s here already) Pitchers already showing good color. Fast grower! Looking for lowlanders, warm-growing orchids...
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    Nep seeds and fungus gnats

    Hi all, I've noticed little larva moving around in my pots of nepenthes seeds. Media is lfs, kept wet, sitting outside in part sun. No seeds have germinated yet, but once they do won't the larva (I think they are fungus gnats?) eat the roots? How do I eradicate them without harming the seed...
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    Rhizome Rot

    So I have this giant colony of sarracenia leucophyllia that lives in a very large pot - probably a 12" pot or more. Thing popped nine or ten pitchers this fall and looks great. I was cleaning out the older dead pitchers, and got a whiff of a really sweet rotting smell, and some of the dead came...
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    Root rot??

    So I noticed my N. x hookeriana wilting. I picked it up, and noticed that four ferns were growing out of the bottom. As I pulled them out the plant swiveled- it rotated around 360 degrees! After freaking, I tugged on it faintly, and it slide right out of the media. It only had one root! Media...
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    No dew

    Hi all, I grow some drosera capensis Alba, and I've been having trouble getting the light right. I grew them in bright shade for a while, and they had tons of dew but the new growth was about half the size of the older growth. Then I moved them a month and a half ago to full sun. And now they...