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  1. Cichvette

    Atlanta Botanical Gardens

    Here are some pics I took during my two trips to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this year. Enjoy: March '11 Oct. '11
  2. Cichvette

    Red mulch and Neps

    So, my HOA hired a company to come out and mulch the area. Instead of moving my potted nepenthes, they decided to dump the mulch all over my plants.:censor: After some research, I am concerned that the mulch may contain properties that may be toxic to my plants. I’ve removed the 2+ inches of...
  3. Cichvette

    LF: Drosera

    I am looking to trade for the following Drosera: Drosera paradoxa Drosera petiolaris Drosera filiformis "Florida Red" Drosera anglica “CA x HI” Pygmy Drosera- Gemmae preferably, pretty much open to any type, with the exception of Drosera scorpioides. I especially like D. leucoblasta (orange...