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  1. italo.america

    Hello from Tn

    Bob, Welcome! Giovanni
  2. italo.america

    My Grow list!

    My Grow list!
  3. italo.america

    New neps!!!!

    Dustin, I also live in zone 6 and you are doing the right thing as I'm still getting freezes at nighttime and it is still hitting the low 20s at night. Good luck, Giovanni
  4. italo.america

    VFT's from 2008 growing season

    Phong, Beautiful pictures! Thank you for posting, Giovanni
  5. italo.america

    Holland Red, B52, Green Dragon and ARPC

    Jeff, Thank you I do take it as a compliment. Generally when I post I like to use decorum and proper etiquette before I ask a question but that's just me. Again thank you and I'm glad you like "ARPC." Giovanni
  6. italo.america

    Holland Red, B52, Green Dragon and ARPC

    Thank you Capensis for the compliment! "ARPC' is a Dionaea clone that originated from the breeding program of Best Carnivorous Plants in Europe. What makes this cultivar distinct is that it is a robust semi compact growing plant with blood-red traps, red teeth, and sometimes a red line outside...
  7. italo.america

    Holland Red, B52, Green Dragon and ARPC

    These are some pictures that I took over the week. This is Holland Red with a typical. Both plants were planted at the same time and same growing conditions. Interesting how the typical is much larger and flowering. Holland Red again. Baby B52. I'm hoping for 2 inch traps. Green...
  8. italo.america

    Spring Growth and Macros

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing, Giovanni
  9. italo.america

    Will it be possible to adapt a Venus Fly trap to live year round?

    No Dormancy! My water bill would be out the door! Even with an R.O. unit. Giovanni
  10. italo.america

    Dionaea Wacky Traps

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking to trade for Wacky Traps. Please look at my grow list and let me know if I have any Dionaea that you are interested in? Giovanni
  11. italo.america

    Hello From Italy!

    Giulio, Benvenuto!
  12. italo.america

    Rain is good....

    Yes, the rain is great! The water from my R.O. unit measures .19 ppm, while rain water measures .10 ppm.
  13. italo.america

    Ortho orthenex

    I used Ortho Orthenex on my Dionaea last week and it seems to be working fine with no ill affect on my plants. Make sure to spray your plants and then rotate them and spray again, making sure to spray under the leafs of the Dionaea. Hope this help. Giovanni
  14. italo.america

    Newest Additions To The Family..

    Beautiful pictures Tracey! After looking at them, I may want to add Long Red Finger and Dingley Giant to my collection. Giovanni
  15. italo.america

    Nepenthes Madagascariensis

    Jimmy, Excellent post and pictures! Nepenthes Madagascariensis is the only CP that I grow that is not a Dionaea and I've had the same plant since 2001. It's a great grower and I just love it. Giovanni
  16. italo.america

    Any desert growers?

    Hi Hightsky, You should have no problem growing Dionaea in SLC. I live in Prescott, Arizona which is 6000 feet above sea level and my Dionaea are doing good even though the humidity level here is very low. In my opinion humidity is way over rated as far as Dionaea. As far as basic care...
  17. italo.america

    Happy 4th of July everbody!

    Happy 4th of July to everyone! We just had a monsoon and now the sun is coming out! I will be barbecuing this evening as well as showing off my Dionaea! Stay Safe, Giovanni
  18. italo.america

    I Can't Believe I'm About To Ask This But..... Can I Get An ID On This?

    JayJay, xvart is right, the status of cultivars of Dionaea is very sketchy at best. Because of this, it is better to just call the plant a typical. Giovanni
  19. italo.america

    Spring time stall?

    Fryster, Sorry for the late post. I may have a division available from my Big Mouth in case yours dies. One of my Red Dragons looks exactly like yours and I'm almost 100% sure you are over watering. If your problem ends up being Spider Mites then I would recommend Ortho Orthenex. It is a...
  20. italo.america


    Hi, With regards to the main plant, I think you should be okay. Last month I divided my Fang Dionaea plant splitting the rhizome into 3 parts. One part had no roots at all. Much to my surprise, one month latter the division that had no roots is doing great. Just make sure you give your plant...