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  1. B0B

    Looking For Lights

    Hey everyone just seeing if anyone out there has a 400w or 600w hps/mh ballast digital preferred if so Im willing to trade for a few healthy neps thanks for looking
  2. B0B

    LF Highland hybrid nep

    Hi everyone I have a few plants that I would like to trade for one highland hybrid nep and if all you can do is take a cutting as long as it has 3 nodes Im fine with that too. I have a small division of bulbo ambrosia, N. Splendiana x [veitchii x maxima]x veitchii and then if those 2 don't cover...
  3. B0B

    Dews for trade

    Hey everyone. I have one pot with the last of my dews that I would like to trade. The pot consists of D.prolifera, madagascariensis, dreamsicle, oblanceolata sunset peak hong kong, and a binata multifida extrema. Im looking to trade them all for a nep or cutting of one or Sarrs and vfts would...
  4. B0B

    looking for hybrid neps or

    Hey guys looking for hybrid neps or a ceph form other than hummers giant I have a n. spectabilis pangulubao I have pics just pm with your offers thanks.
  5. B0B

    Have Neps for trade

    Hi everyone I have a N. thorelii x aristo, a ramispina and a ventricosa x fusca. Just seeing what neps I could get for them or all of them for a ceph or heli just pm me if interested all of them have pitchers and appear to be healthy. I can take pics of the plants if youd like as well.
  6. B0B

    Help please

    Hello everyone I was wondering my window faces NW. It receives indirect light all day well at least until the sun goes down I was wanting to know if that would be sufficient enough light for my neps thanks in advance for any info.
  7. B0B

    Some sundews for trade

    Hey everyone I have 1 venusta, 4 capensis red, typical,albino and broadleaf, 1 aliciae, or a little clump of ultramaficas, and 5 Oblanceolatas sunset peak hong kong. I'm looking for a nep doesnt have to be big or anything hybrid if possible that can grow in intermediate or lowland conditions...
  8. B0B

    Burmanii green/w red tentacles

    I have 2 for trade they flower but, I cut the stalks im a noob so i dont even know if it would be worth anyones time due to the fact that they are suppose to be annuals right? Well thats it thanks for looking and if anyones interested let me know. im not looking for anything too special maybe...
  9. B0B

    looking for a new nep

    hi everyone just looking for a new nep any highland if possible all i have to trade is a a big clump of flowering marston dragons a dutch vft a red crossed with a fine tooth vft and two unknowns could also throw in rooted cutting of a pudica and extra capillaris long arm a capensis red alba and...
  10. B0B

    intermedia ?

    hello again umm need help figuring out what this is hitchhiker is theres two actually smaller one is red compared to the bigger one but both were found in between marston dragon clump heres the link only took two pics of them any help would be appreciated http://www.flickr.com/photos/71877517@N05/
  11. B0B

    does anyone use bottom heat while growing sundews

    so i just wanted to ask what dews everyone grows while using bottom heat like a heat mat so yea community any input would be great oh and i only ask this because i asked bluemax and he gave me advice but directed me towards the community for more answers so here i am thanks for the help in advance
  12. B0B

    Led glow panel

    Hi everyone just seeing if anybody would trade me for a glow panel you can find them at glow panel .com and i have the 5o dollar one so if anyone interested pm me it works great but i just cant get past the fact i have to turn it off to really see what my plants look like its full spectrum so...
  13. B0B

    Tacoma, WA

    looking for someone in the tacoma, wa area that grows orchids as well. would like advice and a friend that is into orchids so if you are hit me up
  14. B0B

    Dark Souls Ps3

    ok hi again just figured id try since ive seen people posting stuff similar i have a copy of dark souls for the ps3 works great i just cant find the time to sit their and play it im open for trades pertaining to cps thank you and come again
  15. B0B

    Drosera Indica

    ok so just wanted to know if anyone locally wanted to trade for some drosera indica not looking for anything special for them just more dews or utrics locally mainly because i think its kinda cold here so i dont really think it would be smart to send them off anywhere
  16. B0B

    Drosera Spathulata or not?

    Hello everybody just wondering if you could help ID this plant I figured its some kind of spathulata thanks for the help. Oh and pics arent the best i dont have a great cam and really dont know anything about taking pics not yet at least so here it is ...
  17. B0B

    Drosera spat?

    hey everyone nothing special but if anyone wants any seeds pm me im pretty sure they are some kind of spatulata i have some pics if anyone wants to see but it was my first cp from a local nursery they have no clue as to what its called but yep seeds for sase