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  1. Colieo

    Looking For (trade) ISO: U. nelumbifolia

    Hey guys! I'm back into CPs after many years in school, moving and "adulting". I finally have space and time in my life to focus on plants again! Rebuilding my collection and am very interested in U.nelumbifolia, one of my old faves. Info online is looking sparse! If anyone is interested in a...
  2. Colieo

    Stapelia gigantea

    Still available? I've been looking for one! 1.cwatson1414-Thank you for the opportunity. I really want to get into growing asclepiads. 2. Aerogrower- thank you for getting opportunity. 3. Colieo
  3. Colieo

    U. nelumbifolia

    Hey all, I have one U. nuelumbifolia available for trade… Since it's tropical, we'll have to be careful about shipping and weather temps. It is young, but has a photosynthetic stolon coming on pretty strong. I am nearly maxed out on Sarr space… I am really into the following (but not...
  4. Colieo

    Saurotomatum venosum divisions for trade

    Hello all, It's not a CP, but I have three "pups", smaller corms that formed alongside my S. venosum available for trade. One is dime-sized, the other two are around the size of a nickel. I am looking for tropical pings, temperate dews, and I always have room for another Sarr or utric. Let...
  5. Colieo

    Giveback giveaway - Sarrecenia catesbaei

    1.ps3isawesome 2. Goodkoalie 3. NemJones 4. Colieo
  6. Colieo

    U. nelumbifolia trade

    Hey all, I have a 5 inch or so start of U.nelumbifolia available for trade. It does not have a fully developed photosynthetic stolon, but has two that are starting off strong, but still juvenile. I love this plant, so I'm happy to get more growing out there. I can't figure out how to post a...
  7. Colieo

    U. nelumbifolia give away

    #2 goes to Wire Man. PM me your address and we'll be all set! Hope to have more for others sometime soon! Cole
  8. Colieo

    U. nelumbifolia give away

    w03, that sounds close to my current growing conditions. It seems to be pretty adaptable to anything I throw at it as long as it stays damp, so you're in. PM me your address. One still up for grabs! 1. w03 2.
  9. Colieo

    U. nelumbifolia give away

    Hello all, In an attempt to pay back several recent kind gifts from fellow members, I have two new starts of U. nelumbifolia available as giveaways. I'd prefer someone who does not currently have this plant in their collection. My only stipulation is that you have a giveaway of this awesome...
  10. Colieo

    Year round Sarracenia growing---from seed!!!

    Can anyone speak to the best way to transition the plants from the 24/7 grow light setup to outdoor growing? What time of the year is best? Naturally, they will need acclimated to the new light level, but I am more concerned about the time of the year. I'm planning on trying this process this...
  11. Colieo

    S. oreophila Gift!

    PM sent.
  12. Colieo

    Super Size Me: U. nelumbifolia

    Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Colieo

    Looking for U. nelumbifolia

    Hey guys! After much too long of a hiatus, several moves, etc., I am in the process of rebuilding my collection. I am looking to trade something or anything for U. nelumbifolia if anyone is interested in working something out! Thanks! Cole
  14. Colieo

    Looking for S. purpurea ssp. purpurea trade

    Hey all! I finally will have a house and a yard to grow some Cps outdoors this spring! I'm looking for S. purpurea ssp. purpurea. I have a few things to trade, so send me a PM and we'll see what we can arrange! Thanks, Cole
  15. Colieo

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  16. Colieo

    My humble windowsill

    So, I've never really posted pics of my growing arrangement, because everybody's greenhouses and terrariums put my lowly college student-budget windowsill to shame! At my low point I only had about 2 CPs to my name (bad plantsitter while I was abroad)... dark days. Now, four years later, a...
  17. Colieo

    Some Extra Things To Unload.... I Mean Share...

    Jimscott went above and beyond with this offer, he definitely deserves many thanks! Cole
  18. Colieo

    NASC 2011 Board Nominations

    I accept as well. Cole