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  1. Sundrew

    Advice on bringing D. regia back from the roots

    Hey everyone! I'm getting back into the hobby and have been growing a D. regia on my office's windowsill. It thrived last summer, went dormant this winter, and was just starting to pick up speed for the spring. I left town for a week and my coworkers forgot to water it, so unfortunately it dried...
  2. Sundrew

    Nepenthes talangensis x glandulifera?

    Anyone have this? I'm really curious about how they look and grow. Thinking of getting one for the windowsill if it can tolerate it.
  3. Sundrew

    Nepenthes glandulifera

    Anyone have this plant or its hybrids? I'm interested to see how they're turning out.
  4. Sundrew

    N. hamata on a windowsill?

    I am primarily a lowland grower, but I've been looking into plants to adapt to my windowsill. I was thinking about a truncata, but I think I want to make my last plant-related investment before college to be in a plant that sparked my interest in CPs: N. hamata. There are two places I think I...
  5. Sundrew

    Received as N. 'Manny Herrera'

    I received this from a friend, but it does not look anything like pictures online of 'Manny Herrera'. It is definitely lowland, and has only made uppers for me. My best guess is x dyeriana, but this seems too small. 20130830_145122 by Sundrew, on Flickr 20130830_145129 by Sundrew, on Flickr...
  6. Sundrew

    Where do rhizomes belong?

    Are rhizomes supposed to be buried under the ground or sit on top of the soil? Last year I noticed that my sarr rhizomes appeared very prone to rot buried as they were in the soil. When I dug some up to divide them I saw that roots had been growing out all over the place, even from the top of...
  7. Sundrew

    Sundew Terrarium Ideas

    I recently constructed a neat new growshelf, but I think it is now obsolete. I've been growing sundews via the tray method for a while now. However, it's begun to get extremely tedious. The humidity stays very low because it is open to the air, and the trays dry out in between rainstorms (I'm...
  8. Sundrew

    Drosera montana var. tomentosa SEED (The Griffin $10)

    Up for auction are seeds of Drosera montana var. tomentosa. This is a lovely and hardy SA sundew that I grow in a wide range of conditions, typically around 70F and 30% RH. The winner will receive 20-40 seeds from my plants that were harvested in the past month. The minimum quantity is...
  9. Sundrew

    Mucilage Heals Wounds

    I came across this article today. Basically, sundew mucilage is the perfect substance to act as a biodegradable "scaffold" for helping in wound healing. It perfectly positions cells for growth and is flexible enough to expand with them...
  10. Sundrew

    Cheap Tissue Culture

    Hello TF, I'm pursuing a new cheap project! Recently, I was assigned a project in school where we have 7 weeks to pursue anything we want, and then we give a presentation on the process and what we have learned by the end. It's an awesome opportunity, and I have decided to move up my summer...
  11. Sundrew

    Sundrew's Photo Thread

    I've been meaning to start one of these for a while. I'm going to include some older but favorite pictures to get this started. NEPS! The Lowland terrarium: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/84442298@N03/8450938232/" title="DSC02091 by Sundrew, on Flickr"><img...
  12. Sundrew

    Drosera burmannii Propagation

    Hello everyone, A very interesting plant has come up in my collection from seed of a Giant Red form of Drosera burmannii. I am looking for ways to asexually propagate or clone this plant, because I have learned that self-seeding does not result in genetically identical plants. I have taken...
  13. Sundrew

    Experiment Question

    Hello! So I'm doing an independent research project regarding how the amount of sundew leaf movement is effected by different concentrations of chitin in a solution. I'm taking pictures of tested leaves and finding the angle at which the leaf blade curled as a reaction. I ran the first test...
  14. Sundrew

    D. hookeriana Stem

    *Sorry, I meant D. hookeri. So I generously received some D. hookeri tubers from kula a while back. I have been lucky enough to get a lot of them to sprout. However, I had this pot in my cool basement, and was waiting for them to pop up. It looks like I missed the mark though, because the stems...
  15. Sundrew

    Nepenthes rafflesiana Appreciation Thread!

    Nepenthes rafflesiana is my favorite species Nepenthes. It comes in every color: black, red, green, white, tricolor, spotted, or striped. It can be squat, tall, or flipping massive. It can have toothy or solid peristomes, tremendous wings, or flared tendrils. So any pictures you have of your...
  16. Sundrew

    Terrarium Topdressing

    Hey everyone! So for the holiday season I am making a sundew terrarium for a friend. I'm wondering what would be a good topdressing to cover the peat/sand mix the dews will be planted in. My friend is going to display the tank, so we were thinking of something showy. So far I (with the help of...
  17. Sundrew

    Cheap Evaporative Cooler

    Hello everyone, My goal in this hobby is to grow plants using cheap materials with minimal electrical power. I'm an eco-nut and just hate spending money on electric bills. So, here is my homemade swamp cooler. I made it for $25-30 and it draws about 50W. Hopefully, this will allow me to grow HL...
  18. Sundrew

    Nepenthes rafflesiana BE88

    So as someone who can only easily accomodate the Lowland Nepenthes species, I have begun to fall in love with and specialize in Nepenthes rafflesiana. As such, I have developed a few "holy grails," one of them being the gorgeous Nepenthes rafflesiana clone 88 from BE. It is quite large and, in...
  19. Sundrew

    Hopeful Hybrids

    I've been thinking about hybridizing plants, and was just wondering: If you could make any hybrid in any genus, what would it be? It doesn't even have to be possible, I'd love to see a burmannii crossed with a capensis! But for ones that are, your opinions may spark some ideas for those whose...
  20. Sundrew

    Is this actually N. ventricosa?

    I got this as a Nepenthes ventricosa, although it doesn't have the hourglass figure or typical peristome. Does anyone know what it is? <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/84442298@N03/7900524252/" title="DSC01497 by Sundrew, on Flickr"><img...