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  1. MasterPropagator

    Nepenthes Rhizomes?

    Was repotting a mother plant and came across this. I have never seen this bulbs on any nepenthes that I have ? Have you ?
  2. MasterPropagator

    Looking For (To Buy) Hygrolon

    Does anyone have some hygrolon to sell by any chance ??
  3. MasterPropagator

    Looking For (To Buy) Highland Nepenthes

    I have to many nepenthes hybrids at the moment .. and i need some species in my collection right about now . Also open to trades and can add :greedy_dollars::greedy_dollars: cash on top of it . even if you got cuttings that should suffice . Heres a few that i really want. N . Ramispina...
  4. MasterPropagator

    Nepenthes ID help.

    So i have a few nepenthes like we all should ... lol i lost a few plant id tags here and there. :-( and have a few no id / poi dog hybrids . so you might see more of my post asking for your opinion on my pitchers no pun intended. On the left there is a Nepenthes Rokko WIP Clone , i think...
  5. MasterPropagator

    Looking For (trade) thorelii x aristolochioides female

    ive got a thorelii x aristolochioides male starting to flower i was wondering , if anyone had a female flower to self it and make seeds 50 / 50 on the seed :scratch:
  6. MasterPropagator

    Looking For (To Buy) Highland Nep Cuttings

    my nepenthes collection is a bit vanilla anybody got any cuttings for $$$ale?? \:banana2: pm
  7. MasterPropagator

    asclepias tuberosa (orange)

    Asclepias tuberosa is a a species of*milkweed native to eastern*North America is know to attract monarchs I have plenty seed pods and would like to give some back . Because I originally got this from a forum member I prefer if you send a SASE 15 to 20 seeds in some bubble wrap .but I understand...
  8. MasterPropagator

    Greenhouse Help, Advice,Opinions Please!!

    Good Evening , I recently wanted to try to get a greenhouse to grow ,:0o:anything from seed CP's preferably, I bout the greenhouse from Craigslist for $65 dollars , thinking it would be a easy fix. http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c214/TengoDemencia/imagejpg1_zps67f93b05.jpgI have no experience...
  9. MasterPropagator

    My first Sarracenia pitcher.

    I had purchased 2 sarracenia(S.Flava,S.Leucophylla) from "***************" despite their bad reviews i gave them i shot and was happy with my order. they have been with me for a month and they are growing great in pure peat moss & dried spaghnum moss :nono...
  10. MasterPropagator

    D.filiformis unknown variety

    Helo Terra forums this is my first thread.... well i recently got some D.filiformis seeds (unknown variety) from a member.. :-D I have some D.filiformis growing great so i have really no use to the seeds so i would like to pass them on to a beginner grower or some one who needs a D.filiformis...