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  1. Peatmoss

    Tie Dye Socks Time!! #2 - Av8tor1 $15

    $3.00 I definitely want six pairs of tie-dye socks.
  2. Peatmoss

    Shout Box Issue

    terraforums.com does not display the chat box, clicking the logo refreshes it, and then the chatbox causes it to show up.
  3. Peatmoss

    New Canadian import regs?

    Oy! I've done this! I brought quite a few plants back from the ICPS conference a while back. Didn't have any problems at the borders, but I had printed out the sheet showing the legalities involved and brought it with me. I didn't declare that I had the plants, but would've declared them had...
  4. Peatmoss

    Butch's sarracenia hybrid seedlings

    S. x "Butchinensis", anyone? :p Can't wait to see how these turn out, they should be nothing less than extraordinary!
  5. Peatmoss

    Cheesey cell phone heli pics

    Lovely as usual, Helimeister! Your private Tepui seems to be getting bigger and bigger..
  6. Peatmoss

    Return to Cps with a mechanical fix job. + permission needed from TF members

    Gosh Dangit! I'm in Guelph at the moment, but without a car, my only way of getting around is GO, which, of course, re-routes through Toronto to get to Hamilton! I'd totally come down if I could, but the 2+ hour trip would be a bit much. If you're lacking in pics of native Ontario stuff, here...
  7. Peatmoss

    for those that have always wanted to mess with Photoshop or other Adobe products

    GIMP is a really great free photoshop alternative for light use: http://www.gimp.org/ I refuse to purchase monthly plans for Adobe software, I'm currently only a Lightroom user, so I'm fine for now, but I see bad things in the future of single payment purchases.
  8. Peatmoss

    Plant of the Month December 2013

    Thanks Thez! I believe this is a former ascendens that was re-labeled by whoever sent it to me. As far as I know, it's from a location that's fairly uncommon in cultivation, but it isn't being particularly special compared to my other former ascendens.
  9. Peatmoss

    Plant of the Month December 2013

    D. villosa var. latifolia largest plant is the one being entered! D. villosa var. latifolia by Ineptphotographer, on Flickr
  10. Peatmoss

    Semesterly Horticultural Brag-Rag

    Thanks everyone! @NaN: Thanks! I think it's temperature related. They were green until it got wintery around here. Night temperatures are currently around 68f and daytime would probably be around 75f in the boxes. The lights have been the same for the last two years and this is the reddest I've...
  11. Peatmoss

    Semesterly Horticultural Brag-Rag

    Hey Y'all! I'm back from college and my plants aren't even dead! :-O Anyways, these guys have been sitting under their lights in plastic tupperware bins with the bottom full of about a half inch of water for the past three months. No other care was given, only water and light. N. singalana x...
  12. Peatmoss

    Plant of the Month December 2013

    Goodness! I remember tangling with mass over the IDs on his D. ascendens a while back based on information Fernando discussed at the last ICPS conference. I'm glad someone is finally backing me up. :D
  13. Peatmoss

    CPN cover and article

    I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to let you write the whole thing if you offered! I can't wait to read the article! ~Gabe
  14. Peatmoss

    Terraforum's Official 2014 Calendar Contest

    D. intermedia, from one of my ultra secret locations in Southern Ontario: D. intermedia by Ineptphotographer, on Flickr
  15. Peatmoss

    NECPS Show 2013

    We figured out who you were at ICPS... So they knew.. :0o:
  16. Peatmoss

    Happy Birthday Not A Number

    Happy Birthday Warren! Hope you have a fantastic one, and many more to follow!
  17. Peatmoss

    VERY ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

    Ramdacc, there are multiple sellers in the EU (which is a single CITES zone) that vend S. oreophila legally. He probably got the plants from them and is now selling seeds from his stock.
  18. Peatmoss

    Some pics from the 2013 Canadian Reptile Breeder's Expo

    Thanks Maiden! @Butch, I agree, a lot of reptiles have really great personalities. I especially liked the iguana at the very end. It seemed to have a bit of an attitude problem! The V. macraei is a prize shot for me. I've been wanting to get a good shot of one of those for years. Finally got...
  19. Peatmoss

    Some pics from the 2013 Canadian Reptile Breeder's Expo

    For sure, there's some interesting stuff up here Graham, but there were also lots of Ball Pythons and Corns to wade through. I imagine if you went to a more niche expo like Hamburg would probably yield some more interesting finds. Plus, lots of these animals were just display and weren't...