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    Gemmae 3-pack: D. sargentii, D. paleacea, D. leucoblasta

    D. sargentii D. paleacea giant D. leucoblasta Brookton I've been fortunate to receive a couple giveaways recently, so I'm doing one of my own. You'll receive a pack (10-12 gemmae) each of D. sargentii, D. paleacea giant form, and D. leucoblasta Brookton. Shipping will be $2 for a padded...
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    LF South American sundews

    I'm looking for any South American Drosera. Particularly interested in D. graomogolensis, D. solaris, D. esmereldae, D. felix, D. ascendens, D. villosa, and D. meristocaulis. I have lots of subtropical sundews and Mexican pings, and could probably trade some fun primary Nepenthes hybrids if the...
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    LF Dionaea 'Alien'

    Looking for a rhizome or two of Dionaea 'Alien'. I've got Mexican pings, sundews, and some Utricularia to trade. Check my growlist. PM and we can work something out.
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    Drosera adelae – enough for all your friends (CPJerrod $45)

    Up for auction is, oh, a dozen or more Drosera adelae plants. Do you dream of having a fulminating mound of plants that constantly threatens to overtake every pot in your collection? Then bid aggressively. D. adelae is amazingly prolific in my conditions. Plant it in pure LFS in...
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    Drosera anglica CA × HI seeds (The Griffin $9)

    Up for auction is a packet of around 50 seeds from this Drosera anglica CA × HI. This is a very vigorous hybrid of the tropical and temperate forms of D. anglica created by Ivan Snyder. The pictured plant went from a leaf cutting to flowering maturity in 5 months. Being that this is a hybrid...
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    Drosera burmannii (Humpty Doo, NT, Australia) seeds (Iwest $24)

    You are bidding on 1 packet of Drosera burmannii seeds from plants with location data of Humpty Doo, NT, Australia. This is my favorite form of my favorite carnivorous plant. If you feed it regularly (and it has an enormous appetite) it will grow remarkably quickly after germination (and...
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    Pinguicula rotundiflora × hemiepiphytica (patrickntd $10)

    Up for auction is one small plantlet of Pinguicula rotundiflora × hemiepiphytica. A vigorous Mexican ping hybrid. You are bidding on the plant in the front left of the pot, which is about the size of a nickel. The plant will be shipped bare-root. Winner will pay $6 shipping, which can be...
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    Pinguicula 'Pirouette' (Bubba1960 $18)

    Up for auction is a small plantlet of Pinguicula 'Pirouette'. You can see the mature plant in the middle. This is an absolutely lovely and easy Mexican ping. You will receive one of the plantlets from the clump at right; if bidding exceeds $10 you'll receive 2. The plant will be shipped...
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    Pinguicula esseriana (Monkey $11)

    Up for auction is a small plantlet of Pinguicula esseriana. This Mexican ping is about as hard as the rest of them (not very). When mature it has cute pink leaves with rolled up margins. You are bidding on one of the plantlets in this clump, which is about the size of a dime. If the bidding...
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    Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' seeds - gnathaniel $8

    Up for auction is 1 packet of 50+ Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' seeds. Here's a picture of some full-grown plants. D. 'Cuba' is a small, fast-growing sundew that reaches about 2 inches tall at maturity and has a great red color under high light. I started mine from seed and had a very high...
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    Drosera capensis red form - MasterLow $10

    Up for auction is one small Drosera capensis red form, an offset from my main plant. The first picture is the actual plant up for auction, while the second picture is the parent plant. The red form of D. capensis is just as easy to grow as any of the others, but gets a bit larger than the...
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    Drosera 'Marston Dragon' - MasterLow $24

    Up for auction is one of these Drosera 'Marston Dragon' plants that I started last year from flower stalk cuttings. This is an easy-to-grow sundew that gets impressively large (the parent plant has leaves more than 18 inches long). They also grow quickly (this is what that pot looked like at...
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    CP-safe emulsifier for neem oil solution (aphid busting)

    I'm developing a fairly serious aphid problem in a few of my trays (Drosera mostly at this point), and want to try a topical application of Neem oil per this article on Grow Sundews. However, I'm having trouble getting the neem oil to emulsify. The label suggests using 2 tsp of dish soap per...
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    Botany/horticulture books

    I've been picking up bits and pieces of botany and horticulture piecemeal since I started collecting plants, but I feel like I could use a more formal introduction to the fundamentals of the science and best practices of both. I know there are some erudite people on these forums. Could anyone...
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    SF Bay Area roll call

    I know there are a few folks on TF from the greater Bay Area. I'd like to see if there's anybody within, say, an hour's drive of San Francisco who might like to get drinks, or coffee, or do some in-person plant trades, or just hang out. I live in the city of Richmond, right near the del Norte...
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    LF Pinguicula lusitanica plants or seeds. Have sundew seeds/cuttings/plants

    I'd like to start growing some Pinguicula lusitanica. Right now I have seeds of white-flowering Drosera capillaris (Alabama), Drosera capensis, and Drosera aliciae. I also have some Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' plants to trade, and can take cuttings from most of my other plants (see growlist)...
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    Drosera burmanii, Humpty Doo, Australia, 2 seedlings - Lil Stinkpot $10

    These Drosera burmanii were started from seed back around Christmas. The largest now is just shy of an inch in diameter. You can see what wonderful colors you get with bright light. Extremely fast grower when well-fed. You will get 2 seedlings from among the larger specimens, which will be...
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    Drosera capillaris Alabama seeds (philiptdotcom $8)

    For your consideration, 3 packets of seed (about 200 seeds total) from a white-flowering Drosera capillaris from Alabama. Seeds are very fresh, and should germinate right away. A couple pictures of the parent plant: Easy-growing, charming little sundew. Opening bid is $2, I'll pay...
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    Post your setup and share advice

    One thing I'm always curious about is how everyone else grows their plants. I've only been collecting for a little while, so I've been sort of figuring it out as I go along. Let's see what you've got! Post a picture if possible, describe your lighting, any temperature regulation, where the stuff...
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    D. aliciae or D. admirabilis?

    Got this plant at the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society meeting raffle. Didn't have a tag. Click images for huge resolution: Also these guys were growing in the pot along with it – any thoughts? Thanks!