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  1. nepenthesl0ve

    In case of untimely demise, where are your plants going?

    I have asked a friend in retail nep sales to help my family sell them for fair deal. My collection has very high value but not unless you know whats what
  2. nepenthesl0ve

    Gardening Vlog

    cant believe you dropped the winter word already :hopelessness: i am not ready to be cooped up inside so much left do do!!!
  3. nepenthesl0ve

    bog garden in hyperspeped

    Thanks! hard work pays off I will weed them out if needed haha the VFTs will always be given space as they are my favorites
  4. nepenthesl0ve

    bog garden in hyperspeped

    hello, i decided to put in a fairly big bog garden this summer and took photos along the way. Maybe it will inspire someone else to do it or just reinforce that i am crazy. got the hole dug in a day and then took a couple weeks to fill the liner with peat and sand because it just took soooo much...
  5. nepenthesl0ve

    The Perfect Nepenthes

    all my plants are in a growroom with high humidity but once its warm enough i put easier going plants outside and ventricosa is one of them. takes a couple weeks to adjust then keeps going for me.
  6. nepenthesl0ve

    The Perfect Nepenthes

    for all the fancy neps i have, pure verntricosas are still some of my favorite. very easy going
  7. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (trade) Available for USA: tenuis, ventrinermis, vent x hammy, and spec x talan pollen

    pollen arrived safely, into cold storage until flower is ready. i feel so prepared unlike last time scrambling to get pollen last second XD
  8. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (trade) Available for USA: tenuis, ventrinermis, vent x hammy, and spec x talan pollen

    so far i have the following coming: lowii x campy veitchii striped lowii x gothica warped epristome maxima x truncata hamata ventricosa (going to try and see just how much one can water down a lowii before it becomes pure ventricosa again XD) so i guess either inermis or vent x inermis? maybe...
  9. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (trade) Available for USA: tenuis, ventrinermis, vent x hammy, and spec x talan pollen

    i have a nice female ventricosa x [ventricosa x (lowii x ventricosa)] getting ready to flower. already have a few doners but would love to add another. which pollen do you think would make the best babies? :p 08FFE42E-B52A-4FF5-90EB-F35637C4B5FD by myles geishecker, on Flickr...
  10. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (To Buy) Looking to buy like 40 bucks worth of your weeds

    maybe search for vent x hamata or sib x hamata. prices are getting quite low on them recently.
  11. nepenthesl0ve

    Don's Nepenthes Thread

    love that spath x robc! real winner of a hybrid
  12. nepenthesl0ve

    Looking For (trade) Ventricosa (Male) looking for pollen.

    Good luck! unfortunately my only female flowering already has been pollinating and almost ready to harvest seeds. hope you can find a partner :)
  13. nepenthesl0ve

    Grey Moss Thread

    so much lowii goodness! I have a small spectabilis x lowii seedling from CK i cant wait for it to grow into something as special as your reverse cross
  14. nepenthesl0ve

    Hello again...

    Welcome back! not supposed to mention other retail vendors per rules. What type of CPs are you looking to buy?
  15. nepenthesl0ve

    Growing Red Hairy Hamata?

    yeah id say the RHH will be quite happy in there, maybe try adjusting it to the brighter light gradually esp if it is coming from lower light levels. also if there is a spot that is a tad less bright in the tank id start it there. all my neps are under fairly low light levels so i really cant...
  16. nepenthesl0ve

    Heating a grow tent

    funny thing is if you were using t5 fluorescent or an HID lamp it would light the room and heat it at same time but LED lights put out so little heat it can remain cold inside tent. and as for space heater, i agree with above. most def dont use one of the coiled space heaters that turns red...
  17. nepenthesl0ve

    Growing Red Hairy Hamata?

    def not the easiest or most vigorous. mine is small (about an inch) and hasnt shown interest in getting any bigger in the last year under intermediate-highland conditions