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  1. 31drew31

    Cephalotus timeline.

    This is a plant I purchased from a grower back in spring 2011. This is the first mature-ish looking pitcher it put out in August, 2011. I wish I had taken a shot of the entire plant, but it was about 1.5" across and had 5-8 small immature pitchers when I received it. Here is the same plant...
  2. 31drew31

    Collecting, Storing and Shipping Nepenthes Pollen

    I have a male Nepenthes flowering and Im planning to collect the pollen and ship some off to another grower. This is my first time collecting Nepenthes pollen. Ive done some reading and seems there are a few different methods that people find successful, but would like to hear from some people...
  3. 31drew31

    Repotting Cephalotus

    Repotted some Cephalotus today because the media was drying much too fast and took some photos. New and old pot. New pot is 5.5" wide. Media mixed up Leca in bottom of the pot Roots are about 8" long Tons of roots at the bottom These big thick roots were everywhere Potted up without...
  4. 31drew31

    Pinguicula gypsicola

    P. gypsicola is finally flowering for me, I think the cooler weather we have had helped it along.
  5. 31drew31

    Happy birthday Peatmoss!

    Happy birthday Gabriel, hope you enjoy your day!
  6. 31drew31

    July 29 plant pics

    Had some time today so took a few photos. I couldnt find my SD card for my camera so iphone pictures will have to do. This is a little glass jar with the three queensland sister dews. Some pings cyclosecta has been flowering for the past 2 months bad hair day...
  7. 31drew31

    Quick Pinguicula photos

    My P. gigantea has taken off this spring so wanted to share a few quick photos. Its potted in a 5" pot that is no where to be seen when looking from above. Toothpick is for size reference. Here it is with a moranensis type ping which is in a 2" pot. And beside the even smaller P...
  8. 31drew31

    A few photos

    Took a few photos today. N. muluensis x lowii U. reniformis (excuse the crappy photos my camera battery died). Ceph
  9. 31drew31

    Diablo III anyone?

    Ive been playing for the past few hours and loving it. Havent played D2 since 2005 so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get into it but its great. Very similar to D2 but much smoother. Anyone else been playing the open beta on Diablo III this weekend? For anyone who doesn't know, all weekend the...
  10. 31drew31

    Bug ID needed

    Found some of these guys in the LFS of my nepenthes pots. They look and act like springtails to me, but I am just guessing. They jump an inch or so when touched like springtails and are only in the moist LFS and not on the plants. Toothpick for size reference.
  11. 31drew31

    Pinguicula Pullings

    Just recently upsized my grow area so decided to take a bunch of pullings. I should mention in reality it is much brighter than the photos show. Left to right: moranensis 'Caudata', moranensis 'A', "John Rizzi", potosiensis, moranensis 'alba', Sumidero 2, gigantea, jaumavensis and gracilis...
  12. 31drew31

    Pinguicula seeds for postage

    I just collected some seeds from my P. Sumidero 1 and have an extra 20+ seeds to give away. I cannot guarantee viability but they look good to me! I would normally just do a SASE but it will be much faster for me to just drop them off in the mail rather than wait for the envelope to make it to...
  13. 31drew31

    How to: Wiring Case Fans

    I was taking pictures on how to wire a case fan (DC) to an AC wall plug for another member and figured I would just make a post for everyone to see. This is good for getting air circulation inside of a humid terrarium which is great for plants, or for placing at the end of a light fixture to...
  14. 31drew31

    Pinguicula 'Weser' leaves splitting

    Does anyone know what is causing these leaves to split? Thanks, Andrew
  15. 31drew31

    Good cp books

    I did a quick search but came up empty handed. Can anyone recommend any good books on CP's specifically on drosera and pings. Thanks, Andrew
  16. 31drew31

    Max Temps for Drosera Species

    Hey guys, I just have a question about Drosera. I have sum in a S/W window in a mini greenhouse that gets about 6 hours of full sun a day. The species I have in there are d. paradoxa, d. dielsiana, d. binata, d. adelae, d. capensis, d. venusta and also a Ping. weser. When the plastic lid is...